Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I would like to wish my dad a big Happy Father's Day! I hope your having a good day dad!
Today we are having Marvin's family over for a Father's Day gathering and so I have just completed a card for him... I have had this stamp set for some time and just never used it yet so this one is for Harry!
We are also celebrating Marvin's brother Wes' birthday today, and so I made another birthday card! That is 3 men's cards in 1 week! Challenging as it was, they all came together and each different than the next :)
It has been raining here for about 5 days now... I was hoping we would be able to have a nice outdoor gathering but the weather is not cooperating! Oh well... I'm sure we will cope... Have a fabulous day wherever you may be!


  1. I hope all the fathers in your life had a fabulous day :) The cards are lovely! xx

  2. I'm sure they'll all love those cards.

  3. I'm so impressed with your male cards, they're really amazing

  4. And beautifully photographed too :)

  5. Love the cards...hope you had a good day! Thanks for your lovely comments about MY dad too
    Alison xx

  6. Gosh, what a lovely clutch of cards! You are clearly on a roll, however watery! And it's been raining here too for weeks. I've heard a rumour it's called summer.