Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aussie Girls Challenge (A Bit Late :)

On the weekend I had spent more than enough time preparing my layout for last weeks Simple Aussie Girls Challenge and just as I was about to start my post the computer crashed! That was Saturday and so now I'm  up and running!

Here is my take on the sketch you can see at Simple Aussie Girls (there is also a download for the template if you wish to do it digitally). I enjoyed what others had posted and wanted to give a go of it...
(Digital papers printed from Jessica Sprague 4 Ever Kit - from Jessica Sprague & Carina Gardner)

Creatively speaking, as most of you are aware I typically use lots of dimensional details in my pages... but I found for this page the creativeness was in the formatting and writing of the journaling. I went back to "Textuality", one of my favourite classes at BPC to review how to do just that. Originally I wanted to do this as a digital page, but then I decided to do the journaling and word art in Word and print it off, thus the hybrid layout you see here.

Thanks for the challenge ladies and I look forward to seeing and trying more!

Do you ever use Word or some other software for processing your journaling?

Have a great night!

Friday, June 24, 2011

How's Your Day?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Correction Needed and an Apology!

I have to say I'm mortified that in my previous post I made an error in my description of Alexa's work. The digital papers she is so generously giving away as a free download are her OWN creation. They are NOT photocopies of fabrics... I won't explain how I came to my earlier description except that I obviously need to read things more carefully!! It became clear to me when she asked politely if she could clarify something...

 Alexa, I am so sorry, and thanks for setting me straight!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Technology Advances (Updated June 23rd)

Here is a layout I finished using Alexa's free mini kit which you can download here for the template and here for the digital papers! If you would like to see how Alexa created a fabric copy of her the digital designs papers from photocopied fabric... then check out her tutorial. Also, she has a freebie pdf that has some cute tags... just download and print! These papers and the pdf would make an amazing hybrid page. Just remember to read the terms of reference if you download :)

Here is my version of her mini kit...
What do you think? Are there any advancements in technology that you find useful? What are they?

Have a wonderful evening, or day, where ever you may be!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I would like to wish my dad a big Happy Father's Day! I hope your having a good day dad!
Today we are having Marvin's family over for a Father's Day gathering and so I have just completed a card for him... I have had this stamp set for some time and just never used it yet so this one is for Harry!
We are also celebrating Marvin's brother Wes' birthday today, and so I made another birthday card! That is 3 men's cards in 1 week! Challenging as it was, they all came together and each different than the next :)
It has been raining here for about 5 days now... I was hoping we would be able to have a nice outdoor gathering but the weather is not cooperating! Oh well... I'm sure we will cope... Have a fabulous day wherever you may be!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pinterest Interest.... Mmmmm Beware!

As I mentioned in a post not that long ago, I had a goal to limit my time on Pinterest to 1 hour a week... It started off not being a problem until today... yes... I had very little time today to do anything as I am preparing for a large gathering tomorrow at my home... however... every bit of free time has been spent browsing this addictive little site.... I did join Tumblr almost a year ago for the very reason I joined Pinterest... so part of my avoidance has been because "well why would I pin things I love when I can bookmarklet those very same pretties onto my Tumblr site?"

The thing is... Tumbr does have different ways you can set up your site, but Pinterest is so very easy to use, and I really love that I can see all my pretties together on my computer at once... I also like the organization of things on Pinterest versus Tumblr... plus... I can pin faster than I can post to tumblr...

If you are still not sold on the whole Pinterest thing have a read at Sian's post here... she gives a great explanation of how Pinterest works....

In the meantime... Here are some pretties for you to enjoy!

Source: via Ginger on Pinterest

So how about it? Will you start pinning??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colour Coordination

I noticed something the other night when we were heading out for dinner... Marvin and I were colour coordinated! This seems to be happening more frequently and so I went and looked back at some more recent photos of us and sure enough... there was definite coordination happening...
I was somewhat amused by this and had I not even mentioned it he probably wouldn't have noticed, however, it did start the conversation at dinner... So I made a layout!

Just curious... Do you and your significant other coordinate when going out? Is it intentional, or coincidental?

Have a great night!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday catch up!

I feel as though I have been playing catch up all week even with having Friday off... I did manage to fit in a massage, although my massages are not the relaxing kind... they are more the gotta make you hurt to feel good kind! After the massage I had to dash off to the greenhouse for the last of the plants, which was followed by a doctors appointment and then home only to see some of the shrubs were not doing well in the heat, so another 30 minutes of watering plants! Yeesh! My good friend Brenda popped by to chat and then it was time to get ready for dinner... We took Marvin's younger brother out for his 40th Birthday Dinner to one of our favourite Greek restaurants...

In the middle of all that I did manage to get a card made... which was loosely based on this sketch you can find here.
And here is a photo of the three brothers, with the birthday boy in the middle...
I hope you are all managing to enjoy your weekend!

Is it just me or is the summer (okay, I know it's technically Spring still...) flying by??

Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Things.

10 "Scrappy, Crafty and Inspiring" Things I would like to complete by July 10th...

1. I love Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesdays and although I have played with her textures I have not done a TT. I plan to participate in "one" TT before July 10th.

 2. I feel like I hardly make any layouts anymore! My goal is to finish 2 scrap pages before the next "10 Things".

3. "Finding Photo Freedom" over at BPC started one week ago... and it has already opened my eyes to organizing my photos... both digital and printed. I'm LOVING it! I will spend 45 minutes 3-4X/week working on my digital workflow :)

4. Attend a crop night with my friends at my local scrapbook store... Treasured Memories... P.S. They now have an Online Store!

5. Continue to tweak my blog... I want to add another "page"...  more specifically for the "Mail Art Exchange" (see labels).

6. I JUST signed up for Pinterest... and I want to start setting up my pinboards so I need to set some limits! **Must limit time on Pinterest to 1 hour/week** (Is that realistic??)

7. Find one new and inspiring blog & share it here.

8. OK... I started reading "The Pillars of the Earth", by Ken Follett, maybe 5 months ago... I am on page 304 of  973!!... I need to take more time to read this book! I love it... I'm just not giving it priority... I will have 100 pages read by July 10th.

9. Make ONE Collage page based on Claudine's "Composition for Collage" class at BPC.

10. Plan something BIG for my 300th Blog post!

I thought I would share this photo of me "the non-gardener" picking out some flowers!

Shimelle is hosting a 10 Things, on the 10th of the Month. You can see her post here, join us if you like or have a browse through the other participants blogs!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week in review ...

This past week has been super busy... and trying to keep up with everything is very difficult!

I am still able to keep up with your blog posts on my "Be Reader" app, but I'm not able to comment as blogger kicks me out :)

Anyway, I went back to the gym this week and "whew wee" it's tough! My sister and I have discussed going earlier in the morning as we want to get more exercise time in... so now we are meeting at 0500, which means I'll be up at 0430... the thought of it makes me cringe... but I know I can do it!

Other news... After 1 year of waiting we were able to see the men from Ireland... U2 strolled into town with a bigger than life performance at "Commonwealth Stadium" on Wednesday evening.... The show was good, the props were exciting and the music was fantastic. Hard to believe it's 28 years since I bought their first album... moving on!

After the show it was difficult to catch a cab back to our friends house so we walked... 5.3 km! It took 1 hour and I did not get to bed until 0120! Needless to say I was more than a bit tired the next day at work... note to self - "take a vacation day post concert for recuperation" (don't fight it... you are no longer 20!).

Thursday marked the start of 2 new classes at BPC that I signed up for... "Finding Photo Freedom" and "Collage Composition" and I have only had time here and there to check out this weeks class material... hoping to get some time this afternoon :)

Arlene came over on Thursday after work and we went over the plan for the beds... which leads to our day yesterday and a few photos I manged to upload!

Let me just say... I am extremely sore today! We did lots of digging and I'm pretty sure Arlene did not think we would manage getting all of the plants in the ground... but both Marvin and I said we couldn't bare looking at them the next day and have to deal with more digging! So it took us a full days work with going to the greenhouse, picking them out and then driving home and planting... Oh yeah... and we were lucky enough to be able to open our gate to back in the truck and unload them as just after that the neighbourhood had some sort of a power problem. Our fridge and freezer had no power while other parts of the house did! Luckily, Epcor came out and fixed it... funnily... when we heard the Epcor truck pull up in front of the house I walked to the truck to talk with the technician but was not the only one... all of the neighbours were making their way to see what the problem was... Sounded like a fuse was blown and so all of us only had half the power to our homes.

So there is a bit of what my week has been like! Once we get the mulch onto the beds I will share more photos and explain what some of the shrubs/trees/perennials are that we planted.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Month From Now.....

Le Tour?? Anyone?...

Digi template: Cathy Zielske
This year I can feel it, my man Andy is going to win!! And... his brother Frank will be there to help him make it happen... there will be no repeats of last year!

For those who don't know Andy Schleck is the one on the left wearing the white jersey, he came in second overall last year, but won the young riders competition each year since 2008. The rivalry between the young rider and Alberto Contador made for an interesting tour last year. I have said it before and I will say it again, he will win the Tour de France and I believe this is his year!

Are you with me? Will you be tuning in to watch?