Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day

I hope everyone is having a great Victoria Day... the weekend is flying by and I still have so much I want to do! We will be going out for lunch soon with some friends but I thought I would share what I have been working on. A while back I started this mini album. I was at Treasured Memories and fell in love with the Curio line from Basic Grey and I was contemplating what kind of project I could make with it. Lisa happened to be there and she suggested a mini "Just make a quick mini album" she said, LOL! Nothing is usually ever quick with me when it comes to crafting! I found a chipboard album in the sale rack made the base of the album by cutting the papers into 6 X 12, and gluing two sheets together. Then I let it sit for about 3 months! Anyway, I was inspired this weekend to pull it out. The album is about faded memories from my youth and inspiring quotes or moments. It's a little bit scrappy and a bit art journally (I know that's not a word, but you know what I mean :). I will share what I have completed so far...
Lisa made and amazing mini album that just floored me when I saw it... If you have a moment, check it out here...

When was the last mini you made and what was it about?

Have a great day peeps!


  1. Ohh I love mini books - yours is looking good. The last one i made was for my 40th birthday phots. Currently planning out one for my friend with pictures of our day out in London to celebrate her 40th. Also love that linked - that book is amazing

  2. Lovely mini album,Ginger...I love the vintage feel to it.I'm working on a mini album of a weekend we had in Brighton at halloween last year...nearly finished it.
    Hope you've had a great Victoria Day...though I'm afraid I don't know what it is!!!!

  3. I have never made a mini album but definitely want to try it out. Yours is lovely, enjoy your time off xxx

  4. My last mini album was Learn Something New last September - but only because I never really got anywhere with Journal Your Christmas LOL. first one I ever did was a concertina mini in a tin for a Fathers Day present. I like the idea of these and they are both just gorgeous.

  5. I love making mini albums. Yours is gorgeous and I love your quotes. Enjoy your break.J x

  6. I have never made a mini-album. Not ever - but you are inspiring me. Love the artsy feel to this ...

  7. I love this - it's very evocative. I guess you could say my HOuston memory cards are a bit of a mini album. Before that, it was probably something at Christmas.

  8. lovely mini. Last one I finished was bout the rennovation on my house - in an album that I put together at a class 3 years ago but only recently found the right subject to put in it

  9. I'm hopeless at mini albums! I'm not entirely sure why we don't get on. This one is a beauty though.

    I've been learning about Victoria Day elsewhere in blogland this week - it's not one we celebrate here

  10. What a lovely book, I love the quotes & journalling you have used. I last made (or should that be finished!) a mini book a short while ago about our camping trips. I started it in 2009!!!

  11. I'm not good with mini-books either, but did make one after my MIL's 70th birthday last year ( as part of her birthday pressie. Love what you've done with yours
    Alison xx

  12. I love your mini!
    #1. The way the "O" on the cover is framed by that flourish underneath.
    #2. The way your journaling looks like it's pattern paper on the bird page.
    #3. The colour and design on the "Best Friends" page...awesome!
    #4. The last photo. So nostalgic...

    And thanks for all the props. You are too good to me! I'm glad you like my album...have you seen it in real life, cause I think you really need to hold it to fully appreciate it.

    And I love all the comments! Nobody likes mini albums! HA! Cause I love love love 'em...but I never used to!