Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthdays & Mixed Media Freebie

May is a month full of birthdays in our family. We were lucky enough to spend dinner with my sister Arlene for her big day! Here is a few photos of the night...

We checked out a new restaurant called "Soda Jerks". I enjoyed our meal... they have at least 25 different sodas... some of which I remember from childhood, like "the Pop Shoppes" Blackcherry. I had a Stewarts Orange Creme with a shot of Vanilla Vodka... mmm... it tasted just like a creamsicle. They also have a build your own burger menu... beware the burgers are huge (as you can see in the photo with Mike taking a bite above).

I saw this on the Sketchbook Challenge blog. They have a link to "Cloth Paper Scissors" for a free digital download.  It is 4 Digital Art Tutorials for photo collage. Very interesting Mixed Media projects here that you may be interested in.

So do you have a certain month in which the majority of your family/friends share their birthday? We have 10 people with a May birthday!


  1. Love the sketch you've used,Ginger. Our 'birthday' month is March....and it can get a bit expensive!!

  2. Great layout - our crazy time starts in November and runs through to Christmas. We have 7 birthdays, 1 wedding anniversary, Christmas, Advent, St Nikolaus! It's enough!

  3. September and October always have us reaching for our wallets!

    Great page - it has a real happy feel to it

  4. I LOVE this layout, the pics you used and the orientation, so glad Blogger is letting me comment today! We're lucky with 14 of us, we are spread out but no January or May birthdays.

    ughhh Blogger has gone out on me again, thanks to Carrie I now know to use the name/url choice :)

  5. I have ten birthdays coming up in fact you have reminded me that I need to get a couple of cards and gifts away at the beginning of next week...thanks for that!
    Alison xx

  6. Oh my gosh...we had a Pop Shoppe in Spokane when I was growing up, so I know exactly what you are talking about. I loved that place, getting to fill up the crate with all the fun flavors. Cream soda was a favorite, so was the black cherry and lime rickey. Mmmm. That is a great childhood memory! :) These are great photos - looks like a fun night!

  7. Both my parents, both my kids and both my nieces were all born in May.
    But me, my sister, and my brother were all born in March.

  8. With us it used to be June hands down but now July and September have caught up. :) Love the page.