Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amy's Challenge...

Amy from Over At Our Place has posted a second challenge... this one is simple... take 5 photos of 5 items that will no longer be here in 5 years....

Here we go ...

The couch in this photo will definitely be gone as it has seen brighter days...

As hubby works in the industry, I know my ride will be gone...

Okay... I thought of this item and the one above before I saw Amy's second post :)...counting down the months before I can purchase an iPhone!

A lovely bottle of scotch I received from a good friend for my 40th!  This will only last a few more Friday nights!

Although I'm not certain why... but hubby assures me this t.v. will be gone soon!

There you have it... If you would like to be part of the challenge check out Amy's post...


  1. good set - still thinking about mine. when I saw the 1st photo for a second I thought it might be a sad story about your dog - relieved it was the sofa !!!

  2. Like Helena, I thought it was your lovely doggie too..glad it's the sofa!hoping to get to mine over the weekend.
    Alison xx

  3. An interesting take on this - like the scotch photo :0)

  4. I think our sofa has definately seen better days as well!!! Enjoyed your take on this challenge.

  5. Glad it's the couch and not the dog that's going away! I have to comment that I love Auchentoshan, but haven't had any in a while as it's a bit hard to find around here!

  6. I found this one very difficult and it has been interesting seeing the different reactions and "takes" on it. Great photos - a nice little slice of life.

  7. I'm hoping for an iPhone soon, too! You're welcome to the scotch though.... I hope you enjoy it a LOT more than I would!!

  8. Great take on the challenge Ginger (I'm still working on mine). Especially like your comment about the last one. I think in this house that Scotch would still be there 5 years later. We have some in the cupboard from when Dad died in 2004. :)

  9. Awww glad it's the couch! Everything that came to my mind made me sad so I passed. First thing I looked at when I read Amy's challenge was my 14 year old cat :/