Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's Coming?

Don't forget to join in on the "Lighten Up" Blog Hop... It starts Saturday, so be sure to stop in and check out the healthy recipes on this hop... This month will feature entrees!

As well, you will not want to miss out on .... :)

Come back on Sunday for Storytelling Sunday where you can read some wonderful stories from other bloggers around the world!

I signed up for Stacy Julian's Finding Photo Freedom (formerly known as Library of Memories) over at Big Picture Classes... This is one I have been waiting for and I look forward to organizing my photos. If you have not heard about the class you can see it here, or you can also read about it at Melissa's blog... she has a very good description, plus she has lots of experience with LOM and has been asked to be a  coach for this newer version (Finding Photo Freedom).

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday evening!



  1. Ginger, I'm so excited that you're signed up for the Finding Photo Freedom class! Thanks for the link to my blog - I absolutely love my Library of Memories system and am so excited for you to set up your own!

  2. I've signed up as an Alumni, so I am excited about it too. I'm interested to see what new approaches Stacy has introduced. I did LOM back in 2008 and it is really true that it changes the way you think about your photos and using them for scrapbooking. Even though mine is no way complete and I am still working on it, I wouldn't be able to do LOAD every few months (or any scrapping for that matter) without it!
    I know I asked you before but can't remember what we said, but do you have the Photo Freedom book? I found this a great support to the course. - in fact Stacy's other book (The Big Picture) was also a good intro.
    Have a great weekend (I'm off work today, glued to the TV, Union Jack at the ready!!!)

  3. Oh, thanks for the shout out Ginger :) See you there