Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pay It Forward , Mail Art Exchange Reminder & Updates

A few days ago I received my Pay It Forward from Melissa. It put a big smile on my face when I saw that package on the table. Melissa had e-mailed just a day or two prior wondering if I had received it yet.
She made me a lovely notebook with a bookmark! I told her green was my favourite colour which she took great detail in adding to the PIF from the patterned paper, to the flowers, to the green tassle on the bookmark, right down to the packaging. Check out the lovely birds on the card... Very pretty. I love it Melissa and will definitely keep the notebook in my purse for those times I need to jot things down. As for the bookmark... well no more earmarked pages in my book... it's already there keeping my page saved.

Reminder.... Today is the final day for signing up for the Mail Art Exchange... see the post here
As for those of you who have already signed up... I have the list compiled and anticipate sending it shortly after the closing date (today) :)  Mail Art Exchange is now closed

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for your comments, e-mails and well wishes for my MIL, she is still in critical but stable condition and slowly improving. They will try in a couple days to see if they can take her off the ventilator. There has been no definitive diagnosis (she was on antibiotics prior to admission so testing her for bacteria would not give accurate results). In the meantime, your support has been greatly appreciated...



  1. What a lovely gift! Glad to hear your Mum-In-Law is improving, and continuing to think of you all.

  2. So glad you're PIF package arrived and that you've already found uses for the items! I'm looking forward to the Mail Art Exchange. Glad to hear a good report on your MIL.

  3. Sorry to hear your MIL has been ill but glad to hear she is improving...nice timing on the package , I would say- there's nothing like a parcel in the post to cheer you up!
    Alison xx

  4. wow, that is a gorgeous set from Melissa - you lucky girl! Glad to hear your mum-in-law is improving - continuing to send positive thoughts for you all.

  5. Oh, isn't it lovely! :-) I was fortunate enough to receive a cute little notebook and bookmark combo from Melissa, too, and mine are very different but equally lovely :-)

    My thoughts and prayers continue with your MIL and all your family, I hope the improvement continues xx

  6. Sorry to here about your MIL Ginger but glad that she's improving. Good luck with the Mail Art - i so wish I'd could have played.