Monday, April 11, 2011

Morning Walk

I took Edwin for a walk the other morning and thought I would share a few photos of my neighbourhood. As you can see we still have snow and are a good 6 weeks away from planting flowers (I plant as little as possible as I did not inherit the green thumb from my grandfather). I enjoy the fact that Spring leads to Summer which in turn precludes Fall (my favourite season), but the thing that I don't really like, is waiting for the dullness and drabness to disappear. I'm tired of rock chips in my windshield and my heals being wrecked from all those bits of gravel everywhere to prevent one from sliding into doom.

My mood has improved immensely (although from the above rant you might think otherwise ;) in the last 2 weeks with the warmer weather and sunshine, it's funny how we all talk about the weather and you can see people's spirits lift with the hint of the days getting longer. I look forward to those long evenings in June when we can sit out on the deck in the dusk light sometimes until 1100 pm... that is until the mosquitoes get you!

I hope you are enjoying your morning wherever you are...



  1. Looks like a pretty thing I don't miss (at least not VERY much!), living in Spain, is the snow!
    Alison xx

  2. What a nice post. I've been thinking about doing something similar, since I seem to spend so much time walking the dog.

  3. nice! we had a "lot" of snow this winter (for our part of Germany) and I was sad to say goodbye to it all! Spring is lovely but I am already finding myself getting irritated by warm weather!!! Roll on Autumn (also my favourite season!)

  4. Isn't it amazing! It's so warm here today (+16 Celcius) that I can hardly believe the long-range forecast for Thursday. Let's not talk about that though -- I saw an actual butterfly this afternoon!

  5. Oh my - sending you warm waves! We ate dinner out on the back patio this evening; the weather is beautiful here this week. Of course, by late June it will be almost too hot to sit outside!

  6. Gosh, I am admiring your endurance! We complain about winter up here, but we've not actually had snow for months this year ... and we're definitely in the daffodil zone right now. Lovely views, and hope the snow melts soon so yours and Edwin's toes are less cold!