Saturday, April 9, 2011

Favourite Vacation...

With teaching so much these days, I like to use an icebreaker when asking staff to share their name, by telling us where their favourite vacation spot... in going through some of my old photos (pre-blog) I thought I would share my favourite vacation spot... San Francisco...

You cannot go to San Francisco without riding the cable cars.

I highly recommend visiting Alcatraz...

Chinatown... a must...

Muir Woods... quiet and serene...

I will not tell you how many of these we enjoyed in the evening...but just looking at this makes me want to run out and get some cream...

This is what one looks like after a wine tour....! "Della Santina's Tratorria"... highly recommended...

No explanation required....

Do you have a favourite vacation spot?



  1. I think my favorite vacation is wherever I just was! I just got back from a 2-week vacation and I'm still dreaming about it. I posted a bunch of pictures on my blog last week and like looking at them :)

    Have to give the shout out because I live in the Bay Area. There was a big story in the newspaper this week about the supply of Irish Coffee glasses collapsing and possibly spelling doom for the drink and the Buena Vista:

  2. Nice tour of your favrourite place! Nice photos. San Francisco is on my list of places I would love to go (although my list is getting shorter as I get older!)

    We don't manage many holidays but if we had any choice at all, we would always go to Canada. Our two favourite holidays ever were in Cape Breton, NS and an RV tour around the Yukon (including a bit of NWT and AK). Stunning, fantastic, glorious - words fail me!

  3. What a lovely surprise, to see some great pics of the stunning San Francisco! I have some great memories of there( and am just about to scrap some of them soon). My favourite spot so far , has been Scottsdale in Arizona
    Alison xx

  4. Great advert for SF....would love to visit some time.
    My favourite holiday was Florida.....but my favourite actual holiday spot was probably St Marteens in the Caribbean.

  5. I loved visiting Muir Woods. But my favorite vacation spot ever.... Maui, Hawaii!! That's paradise!

  6. SF has been beautifully recommended by these stunning photos! I don't care where I go on holiday - as far away from the sink and the hoover as possible :P

  7. That's somewhere I've always wanted to visit. Maybe some day..

    I'm another one who will take anywhere without any housework

  8. Great photos Ginger, on my list of places to visit, but its a BIG list. Likewise I have lots of favourites for different reasons. I'll just share one - Senegal, for a laid back away from it all holiday (well it certainly was where we stayed anyway)

  9. It's usually wherever I've just been, or wherever I'm planning to go to next! Oh boy, I hope we can manage to get up to San Francisco while we're in LA.... You've really sold it to me! xx

  10. Those are definitely some of my favorite spots in the City. I love going to Hawaii! Lake Tahoe is also a favorite family vacation spot.

  11. For me, my favorite spot is wherever I'm going next. This year, it's New Orleans in September. I've been there before, but that was long before I started scrapping so I have no photos from that visit. This time around things will be much different..

  12. Great photos! Our favorite vacation spot is Banff in the Canadian Rockies. However, we like traveling in general, so are always up for "new" places!