Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Favourite Pieces of Art In My Home

I wanted to share a post of some of my most favourite pieces of art we have collected through the years.

We have been on a couple cruises and after reading a few nasty articles about the art auctions on cruise-lines I'm not so certain I want to admit purchasing anything at these auctions, but I figure what the heck... If I was had well then so be it...

When we first moved into our home in 2004, we had no pictures hanging for 2 years! Yes that's correct, can you believe that? I guess we just did not want to commit hanging anything, it was no issue in our apartment, but then we were not owners and did not have to paint the apartment walls. In the house, things just seemed to be more permanent (and not that that was a bad thing... just wanted to be sure we hung things where we were going to be happy with it). I love the orange and red of the abstracts above, they are what I see when I walk into our living room.

Here is a print that I absolutely adore... I fell in love with the dark purple blue hues and of course it is of beautiful women in fashionable clothing... does anyone know that building in the picture? Don't ask me who the artist is... I could not find the paperwork for this post... perhaps it is a common print... I do not know, nor do I care... because I love it!

This is a pastel drawing of... can you guess who? Hmmm... I like him here with his longer locks of hair... Marvin had it made for me for my 35th birthday by our friend Reinhardt...

This one is my absolute favourite... made by Maya Green... her use of bright colours fascinates me... When I saw this painting I was completely drawn to the deepness of the colours and every time I walked away, I just walked right back to it...
We certainly do not stick with any one type of art. Do you have some favourite pieces of art in your home, do you purchase items because you love them or because they go with what you already have in your home?

I hope you have a great Tuesday!



  1. We moved here 5 years ago and we still have a lot of blank walls, so we are on the lookout for some art at the minute. Buying from one of those auctions is as good a way as any if you find something you like :)

  2. Quite a lot of what is on our walls I've made myself.....but my favourite piece is a watercolour of the beach at St Ives....we bought it when there on hoilday....and it was by a local artist.
    I think you should just have what you love....wherever it comes from.

  3. I agree with Jacky - it's important to just love what you love. We all have such different tastes (thank goodness!) and taste is just so personal. We have a few bits and pieces of original art which I adore and the rest is mostly photos that we have taken. I have a photo wall which I love and it never fails to inspire me. I like the two abstracts in the first photo - I think they contrast nicely with the darker furniture!

  4. What lovely art and a great post for today. I have some of my own art hung in the house and then a bunch of family portraits. We also have prints from an artist named Tom Killian that my husband likes.

  5. Your home looks like it's in a magazine! I love that sideboard! xoxo

  6. I love it! We buy art because we like it and figure we'll make it work. I think the mat and frame matter more in terms of making it blend. Our favorite art is the stuff we pick up on trips.

    I'm showing one of your layouts on my blog today!

  7. Art is such a personal thing, I always think! One of my favourites in our house is a picture of Times Square, which was actually taken from the back of a cab, by a friend of ours and I had it blown up onto a canvas
    Alison xx

  8. My living room walls are a mixture a Gustav Klimt prints (the large copy of Dannae above the fireplace tends to raise a few eyebrows) and my cross stitch pictures. I also have a Chinese embroidery of 101 birds.
    I like your bright ones and I'm afraid I can't tell who the drawing is.

  9. Love the art Ginger, may favourite is the print I think. We have an odd collection really - some oils, a couple of watercolours and a newly acquired acrylic/resin painting.