Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Announcement: Good Mail Day... EXCHANGE

Hi Everyone! I am excited to share an idea with you... Since discovering the "Good Mail Book" I have been wondering how I can create and share mail with friends. One of the things is that, those people I send mail to, although they may find my creativity interesting, they certainly will not reciprocate it (and that's okay). So I started thinking about how I could create mail art with receiving some in return. Because that's what "Good Mail" is all about... you...  receiving mail that is not bills or junk, but "Good"

If you missed my previous posts about the Good Mail Day art check  here and here.

This is what I propose.... I would like to create a list of addresses of those who would like to partake in an exchange of mail between friends. (This will be a one time event with the possibility of it continuing should you wish). Here's how it will work:

  • You leave a comment on this post telling me you are interested. 
  • Then send me an email with your name, address and e-mail. 
  • I will create a list with everyone's address and e-mail and send it to those who sign up.. 
  • You can send whatever you like (create a card if you want or write a poem), but send it in a decorated envelope to the recipient on the list (remember, it does not take much to decorate a piece of mail). You can use whatever you have in your stash (stamps and stickers work, or if you doodle, draw or even a bit of paint will work)... Or you could even use a post card and add your personal flair to it.
  • I will indicate on the list who you will send it to... the first person to sign up will send to the next person on the list, that person will send to the third person and so on...

If you need ideas on how to decorate your mail, have a look here at the Good Mail Day website, or here.  

You have until April 17th to sign up. Then I will collate the addresses and send all of you an e-mail. I will also set a date for when the mail should be posted.

Are you excited to receive some Good Mail? Great, then you can leave a comment on this post and then email me at with the information I mentioned above.

Update... the Exchange is now closed.


  1. I would love to be involved in this Ginger :) Thank you for organising it. I'll email you..

  2. What a great idea. I'd like to join in but I have a few dates where I'll be away so I'll email you the details and see if it fits. Fingers crossed.

  3. I'd love to do this....what a great idea....and, of course, it'll be a lot easier when I 'win' the book!!!!

  4. I'm in! But I think Jacky has been sniffing too many markers (what with coloring in all those beautiful cards she makes)... I'm the one who is going to win the book! :)

  5. Well since Jacky or Cheri are going to win (I never win drawings lol) I had already decided I would buy the book (actually I knew I wouldn't want to pass it on :/ ) I would love to send and receive, off to email you!

  6. I'm totally in on this (the mail art exchange, not the book, as I already have it).
    Off to email you,

  7. I got this book from Amazon last week as direct result of your earlier posts - so thank you so much. Am considering joining in with you - but as an absolute beginner I think I need to read the book in more depth first. Thnaks for the invitation on BFS - it sounds really interesting idea!

  8. I saw your post at Shimelle's and this looks like it would be really fun! Count me in and now I'm off to send you my information. :)

  9. I've emailed you - I'm excited! what a great idea!

  10. I dithered about this, don't know why - but yes, I'm in :-) Email to follow in a sec! xx

  11. sounds like such a great idea I just hope I am up for the challenge! Off to email you now xxx

  12. Just emailed you Ginger - sounds like fun!