Sunday, March 13, 2011

She Art Week 2

This time change thing always throws me for a loop... last night I completely forgot about it... every time I tried to go to bed I thought of one more thing I wanted to do on my canvas... I really couldn't stop... and then when I thought it was 2:00 am, blimey, it was actually 3:00!! I see a nap in my near future :)

So I finished two more pieces for my She Art Class and I'm quite pleased with them. The idea for this week was for Christy to show us how to do scenes... so the first one here is very similar to the example she did  in class... I loved her idea of creating a 50's style dress for the girl including a cute headband.

This second canvas I had an idea to do a night scene with a girl on her patio... hence the patio lanterns...
Her hair looks like it has white in it , but it's the reflection of the black ink. I like her cute little capris and long tunic.

 I was able to use my new Tim Holtz stamps that I picked up at Treasured Memories this week and while I was there I had a chance to visit with Chantel and KC and of course Scarlett and Jr. This just reminds me that I need to plan a crop night with the girls! So girls... you will be hearing from me soon :)

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. These are gorgeous....I really love the first one....the dress is perfect....beautiful flowers....and such lovely colours.
    This is such a great class.

  2. Time change? Gosh, you scared me!Had to go and check - we don't switch for another fortnight. Phew! I just love your girls, especially that lovey 50s one. Love the way you are doing those backgrounds. I am going to have to do this class next time around!

  3. Just beautiful! I love, love, love the dress in the first one. Thanks so much for sharing these. I love to "fall back," but hate to "spring forward."

  4. Simply gorgeous Ginger! You have a real talent for this style - I hope you'll continue to play with it even after the class is over

  5. What cute girls! I love how each one is so different, and has a fun story!

  6. Fabby, fabby, fabby! I thought I recognised some Tim Holtz stamps in there, too :-)