Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sarah McLachlan

These days there are very little artists who sound the same live as they do on their albums... Sarah McLachlan is one of those artists...

I had a wonderful Friday night with my girlfriends... first we met for dinner at Earls and then headed to the Jubilee for an amazing concert with Sarah McLachlan... I have been a fan for years and even saw her Lilith Fair tour back in the day (I believe, 1998) at which time I made it a resolution to see her again... just Sarah... no others... (hearing 4 or 5 songs on the Lilith tour was not enough) but for whatever reason each time she strolled through Edmonton, I was either out of town, or had something important scheduled and thus never able to materialize this desire... until last night... thanks to my good friend Brenda, who had the same mission "to SEE Sarah, by herself" we were both able to sit and enjoy the music. I was excited to hear some of my old favourites, like "Building a Mystery", "Good Enough" and "Sweet Surrender"... however, when she sang "Angel" with Butterfly Boucher & Melissa McLelland... I was so moved by the harmony of their voices that I had an overwhelming sense of emotion which brought tears to my eyes... (funny, my friend Jen asked before we sat down who was going to cry?!!)... Anyway, I am thrilled to have seen her and now I am able to cross her off my list of must sees :)

Photo: Edmonton Journal

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  1. sounds like an awesome concert. i love her voice so much and keep meaning to get myself another album. I have Wintersong and a couple of singles and her voice is so haunting. I will have to keep my eyes open in case she ever does a tour here in Europe.