Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know you could print off a blog post as a PDF? Sometimes I come across a post that I would really like to remember, but when you go to print it, it cuts the pages off where you don't want. I learned about this site called Joliprint on the message boards of a BPC class I took last year and it sure makes things simple.

Mel over at "I Speak Melsh" had a great little tutorial on making a notebook cover from fabric. Now, I typically will say to myself "oh I really need to remember to try this sometime", and then (*she snorts*) I always forget where I saw it, or I have to search throughout their blog to try and find it, many times feeling frustrated and then usually giving up... So when I discovered JoliPrint it was like a new awakening to be able to file someones post... Here's how it works.

First you will want to copy the URL of the blog post you want to PDF and paste it into the box.

Then click on the big yellow button... and it will tell you it is "creating your PDF"...

It will then tell you "your PDF is now ready", and you can download it or open...

When you open it, it looks something like this!!

You can print it off to keep in your inspiration file or save to your computer for future reference. Wonderful!

You can also add the PDF button to your blog so at the end of the post the reader can PDF it right then and there!

Do you have a system that helps you find tutorials or posts easily? I would love to hear about it.


  1. You printed my post as a pdf? Omigosh, I love you for that! I had a rotten afternoon and this has picked me right up again, thank you xx

  2. Instead of printing them out, I save the page to Evernote. It seems to make things a little easier. But I will definitely remember your tip, too.

  3. love it! just used it for a photography site and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much for the heads up on this!

  4. What a great idea! Thank-you for this!

  5. What a helpful tip!! When I want to save something but not print it, I've been using Evernote.

  6. oooo, what a great tip...i am awful for printing things off and wasting paper...i still find reading instructions off paper so much easier than screen.
    Thanks. will have to look into it and evernote.
    hi, by the way, am over from shimelles class (and it is working already...lots of new stuff learnt lol)

  7. FABulous tip. Thanks! I'm over from Shimelle's class too. :D

  8. very cool! thnx for sharing. i can't wait to use this. i linked over from shimelle's class.

  9. I use Evernote too, but sometimes you just want a hard copy - TFS!

  10. Great tip - thanks for sharing, although being at home without a printer, I'll probably forget where I saw it! Must look into evernote too... I'm also over from Shimelle's class

  11. Thanks for the great information!

    For my saves I usually copy and past into my OneNote from Microsoft. What I like about One Note is that it saves the site address I copied so if I want to reference it I have that information automatically.

    Visiting from Shimelle's class