Monday, March 28, 2011

Class Goals

Today's prompt from BFS is to share goals. I wanted to make a list of classes I have started but still need to finish...

1. She Art: I still have one weeks worth of videos to watch and because this class has a three month access time limit it is a priority. I would like to have completed this by the end of April.

2. Finding Your Way:I have done very little in this 8 week class besides listening to Karen's audios and I have read most of the handouts. I will dedicate 1 month this Fall to doing a Layout A Day. This is a recommendation from Karen in order to get a better idea of what your scrap booking process is.

3. Yesterday & Today: I have come to the conclusion that 12 week classes are very difficult to maintain my interest especially when there are so many other classes I want to take. I will do one lesson every month starting in June.

I really feel I need to make goals because otherwise I will never complete these classes. Besides there are several other classes coming up that I plan to take:

1. She Had Three Hearts This class starts May 23rd, another one from Christy Tomlinson.

2. Finding Photo Freedom Many people have taken Stacy Julian's Library of Memories, which is a process of cataloging your photos in a way that makes them easier to find. I need this class. It starts in June and is 10 weeks long.

3. Beyond Blogging For Scrapbookers This is Shimelle's follow up class to Blogging For Scrapbookers. I'm having fun with the first class and really look forward to the next one.

Do you have classes that you have problems finishing and if so do you plan out how you can complete them?

Have a great night everyone!


  1. I agree with the thoughts on the long classes - it has to be super fantastic to hold my attention and for me to keep up with the work - I did find CZ's DYL was that way ... I took the first round of that class.

    I'll certainly be signing up for BBfS!

  2. I definitely can't hold attention for more than about a 4 week class. I'm thinking about She Art and Beyond Blogging, plus I still have a PSE class to finish.

  3. Yes, I think 12 weeks is probably too long. I tried to maintain an interest in Y&T but the forum dropped off so much that it was hard. I have two weeks of this one to do.

    I'm still enjoying Finding Your Way, and I'm very muchh looking forward to the next blogging class.

  4. I'm almost embarrassed by my list of classes in which I took an "incomplete". But I am signed up for Beyond Blogging and Three Hearts - still mulling over signing up for She Art. I've taken LOM multiple times and am considering Photo Freedom - depending on the cost.

  5. This is a great list! I take a lot of classes too, mostly because I like to be inspired by different things and I never know what's going to trigger the desire to work on projects. Some of the layouts I created in Ali's Y&T class lead to other projects that I adore...but I didn't do all the assignments. I know the info is there for all the classes I take so I can go back and review something if I ever have a lull. I think I'll take Shimelle's follow up too!

  6. ...and I am at the other end of the scale, I just take one at a time, I just couldn't keep up! I do so admire those of you that can.x

  7. Oh, I have huge problems finishing classes! Can you believe that I am in Shimelle's class but haven't even put my blog on the blog roll? I join up and then miss out! I did LOM and it was great (even though I didn't finish!) and it really changed the way I can access my photos so I highly recommend that - do you have the book?

    I usually sign up for more than I can cope with but the thing with BPC is that you can go back and catch up which is what I am doing - one class assignment at a time!

    great goals!


  8. I definitely have classes I haven't finished. This past week, I reviewed all the FYW materials and am just now working through that and catching up on the message boards. I have done well this year so far re-working/completing a few classes and I plan to continue that during the year. I'm trying to be really selective about new classes, but am planning on Shimelle's new one & one from BPC in May (not sure which one yet) and PhotoFreedom (which is free for me since I took it in 2010).

  9. I definately find I 'lose it' with long classes.....and I have far too many classes I haven't completed.....I signed up for 'One Little Word'...and haven't done any of it!!!
    Upcoming is '3 Hearts' and the new blogging one.....looking forward to both of them.

  10. I have very very long list of classes I took and didn't finish. Way too long. I do want to finish them but I think you are right - if I don't make specific plans I will never finish them

  11. It's such a relief to find there are others around with unfinished classes. I am too embarrassed to tell you how many I haven't completed ...

  12. Lol at Alexa's comment, I so agree with it. I start with good intentions but then somehow it just fizzles out - 12 weeks would be impossible.