Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Sophie

This cat loves looking at the world upside down and makes my heart smile every time she does :)

Do you have pets? What do they do to make you laugh?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Class Goals

Today's prompt from BFS is to share goals. I wanted to make a list of classes I have started but still need to finish...

1. She Art: I still have one weeks worth of videos to watch and because this class has a three month access time limit it is a priority. I would like to have completed this by the end of April.

2. Finding Your Way:I have done very little in this 8 week class besides listening to Karen's audios and I have read most of the handouts. I will dedicate 1 month this Fall to doing a Layout A Day. This is a recommendation from Karen in order to get a better idea of what your scrap booking process is.

3. Yesterday & Today: I have come to the conclusion that 12 week classes are very difficult to maintain my interest especially when there are so many other classes I want to take. I will do one lesson every month starting in June.

I really feel I need to make goals because otherwise I will never complete these classes. Besides there are several other classes coming up that I plan to take:

1. She Had Three Hearts This class starts May 23rd, another one from Christy Tomlinson.

2. Finding Photo Freedom Many people have taken Stacy Julian's Library of Memories, which is a process of cataloging your photos in a way that makes them easier to find. I need this class. It starts in June and is 10 weeks long.

3. Beyond Blogging For Scrapbookers This is Shimelle's follow up class to Blogging For Scrapbookers. I'm having fun with the first class and really look forward to the next one.

Do you have classes that you have problems finishing and if so do you plan out how you can complete them?

Have a great night everyone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Hot Hot Heat}

Prompt #4 for BFS is to share a post about the everyday things we do. Now I do like to cook, but lots of times I won't follow a recipe, I make it up as I go along... so this can make for an interesting dinner. I have a layout here to share with you....

The journaling reads:

A few weeks ago after cleaning out the fridge I discovered we have an abundance of hot sauces; many of them proclaiming to be hotter than the next. Marvin keeps adding more to the collection. I don't particularly care for hot sauce on everything I eat, however there are times I will cook with it to add heat, but sometimes I add it to disguise dinner!!

It's funny, when I asked Marvin why he buys so many hot sauces, his response was "to disguise the mystery meat"!  So I guess we are on the same page.

Do you use hot sauce on your food and if so what do you like it on?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Triptych Art Class

I decided to head over to Treasured Memories today to take Lisa's amazing Triptych class... If you don't know what Triptych means... it's a piece of art with three panels that are hinged together. I haven't decided yet if I want to hinge mine or if I would like to mount or frame them... Check them out...

I love the colours she picked for this project and she had lots of stamps for us to create our backgrounds with. Here are a few close ups.

There was a plethora of little goodies to add to the canvases; to help give that extra dimension. Lisa is definitely not short of ideas for fun and creative classes. If you would like to take a class with her, check out the Treasured Memories class blog... and who knows maybe one day she will move into the world of online classes so all of you could enjoy taking a class like this!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Mail Day, Post 1

Remember a few weeks ago when I received my "Good Mail Day" from Rinda? Well I have been floored by this book and I love what's in it. See all my little post it notes?... so far those are the pages I want to scan! (I'm only half way through the book :)

One of the chapters is called "Judging the Post by Its Cover: Decorated and Illustrated Envelopes". It asks you what sorts of things does the person receiving the mail art like; is there a special event coming up? Having just finished She Art, I was still feeling a bit inspired from that class, and thought I would try out those techniques on the envelope. A good friend of mine celebrates her birthday next week and she loves to travel with her hubby and adores pink. So I used some of Tim's distress inks and stamps to reflect her interests.

Tammy doesn't read my blog so I'm safe to post these! It was fun taking it to the post office and watching the young girl's face when I asked for a stamp.

I'm not finished with this book :) Sorry, but I still have lots to take in before I'm ready to send it off on it's "Pass the Book" journey.  I will keep you "Posted" (no pun intended:)

Do you send decorated mail? I would love to hear about it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Favourite 5...

The prompt for today's BFS is to have us list 5 Favourites... When this prompt came up I immediately thought of food... go figure...  so I decided to break it down even further and list my 5 Favourite desserts...

Starting at the top left and going clockwise:

1. Lemon Tart.... my mouth is watering just looking at that one

2. Berry Shortcake.... who doesn't like whip cream, cake and fruit?

3. Key Lime Cheescake... serious mouth waterage!

4. Salted Peanut Chews... the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

5. Ice Cream... even better home made.

You're probably saying... "what, no chocolate?".... I do like chocolate desserts, but if I had to pick chocolate cake or Key Lime cheesecake.... I'm grabbing the cheesecake... Also, Banana Cream Pie would have made it on the list I just did not have a photo :)

What are some of your favourite desserts?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Arrgh" Mate

Here I am posting for Blogging for Scrapbookers, Prompt #2... Not bad... 2 layouts... 2 days in a row... pretty proud of myself... Ha! That's because hubby is out of town this week and I figure as long as the animals are fed then it's prime time for momma to play...

Here is a photo from a vacation we took several years ago....

Yes, that is I... can't you tell?... I'm a pirate! I haven't scrapped any of these photos, mostly because the vacation was not my favourite... but when I look at this photo I can't help but remember how much fun we had this night.

The journaling reads:

In 2007 our Summer vacation included a trip to the Shuswaps; one week on a houseboat with several other couples. Pirate night was by far the best part of the entire trip; there were lots of "Arrghs", eye patches, a bit of rum, and plenty of practice "walking the plank".

Do you have any vacations that you haven't scrapped for whatever reason?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogging for Scrapbookers

Today is the first day of Shimelle's "Blogging for Scrapbookers"... I signed up for the self-paced version not that long ago but never started so I was very happy when she announced she was running a live version of the class again... I have met lots of amazing people at! Here is a layout based on today's prompt which is to tell what my intentions are for the class...

I had been itching to use this kit from Scarlet Lime, I love the buttery colour of the rose ribbon mixed with the soft turquoise colours... Makes me feel like Spring is on the horizon (that is if the snow actually stops falling:)

Happy Day 2 of the Vernal Equinox!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know you could print off a blog post as a PDF? Sometimes I come across a post that I would really like to remember, but when you go to print it, it cuts the pages off where you don't want. I learned about this site called Joliprint on the message boards of a BPC class I took last year and it sure makes things simple.

Mel over at "I Speak Melsh" had a great little tutorial on making a notebook cover from fabric. Now, I typically will say to myself "oh I really need to remember to try this sometime", and then (*she snorts*) I always forget where I saw it, or I have to search throughout their blog to try and find it, many times feeling frustrated and then usually giving up... So when I discovered JoliPrint it was like a new awakening to be able to file someones post... Here's how it works.

First you will want to copy the URL of the blog post you want to PDF and paste it into the box.

Then click on the big yellow button... and it will tell you it is "creating your PDF"...

It will then tell you "your PDF is now ready", and you can download it or open...

When you open it, it looks something like this!!

You can print it off to keep in your inspiration file or save to your computer for future reference. Wonderful!

You can also add the PDF button to your blog so at the end of the post the reader can PDF it right then and there!

Do you have a system that helps you find tutorials or posts easily? I would love to hear about it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Gift For Gemma

What a nice day I had seeing my friend Jamie at lunchtime... I have been meaning to hook up with her to give her a gift I made for little Gemma, her 7 month old daughter. Gemma is such a little cutie, and I'm sorry I don't have photos to share, but I do have some pics of the baby album I made using the Making Memories Pitter Patter line. I took a class with Trisha Ladouceur, almost 2 years ago where she made an album from 3 manila envelopes. The best thing about it, is that it has so many little pockets where you can place little "trinkets & treasures". I have made this album a couple other times, once for my friend Nicole's baby boy Logan, you can see it here and a Christmas album I gave to Marvin's mom. It's one of those albums that are so much fun to create and easy when you have a great line of papers and embellishments.

Happy Friday Night!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog Awards Part II

Tammy over at "Your Memory Connection" has awarded me with the Liebster Award which I am honoured to receive. Tammy has an amazing blog where she gives product reviews and tips which are useful and informative, not to mention she has some of the most beautiful layouts. Please check out her blog, you won't be sorry!
The Liebster Award gives recognition and exposure to small blogs who have less than 100 blog followers (I have seen it said under 300 on some blogs as well). Because I have accepted the award I now need to recognize and share with 3-5 other bloggers. I have picked 3.

1. Lisa Kercher - "Not Ladylike". You may have heard me talk about Lisa on my blog before (always huge praises), but what you may not know about her is she is a DIY'er (I know that's not a real word, but you get what I mean). She recycles items and creates cool and interesting things whether it be scrapbooking, fashion or crafts.

2. Kirsten Williams - Lines of Best Fit.  Another talented DIY'er, Kirsten shows her craftiness when she isn't teaching or spending time with her new hubby. She also creates beautiful buttons which have been known to adorn my pages.

3. Nadine Karen - "The Beautiful Ordinary" - Nadine is a brand new momma to a beautiful baby girl named Anna, and she is another one of the most crafty people I know. She has been known to drive to all the Michaels stores in Edmonton and buy out particular items for classes she holds at Treasured Memories.  She makes beautiful mini albums, scrapbooks and paints on canvas. She also creates beautiful home decor pieces and loves making Christmas decorations. She is an inspiration to those of us who aspire to be as creative as she is.

There you have it, three talented women.

If you choose to accept the award then please pass it on...

Thanks Everyone, and I hope this week you have had a chance to meet some new and interesting individuals!

Have a great evening!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Old Layout...

Back in 2009 I made an album for my parents 50th Anniversary... the other day when I was sorting thru some of my layouts I came across one that I have never shared on my blog before.... This layout was meant to be included in the 5oth Anniversary Album but the title wasn't quite accurate and so rather than creating any hard feelings I decided to hold it back. I actually really like the layout and it reminded me of another class I had taken at Treasured Memories on doodling... Plus I just really like the photo (my niece & nephew and great nephews).

The swirls were inspired from a Stampin Up stamp.

Do you have any old layouts you haven't shared for whatever reason?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chicken Paprikash & Dumplings

One of the dishes my mom made when we were kids is Chicken Paprikash. When I was home last Fall, mom served this with dumplings and let me tell you... I have made it once a month over the Winter because it is one of my favourites. It's quick and easy to make, throw it in the oven and let it cook...very little prep time required. Now most Chicken Paprikash is cooked on the stove in a Dutch oven and has you adding sour cream at the end... I don't do that - I prefer to roast the chicken in the oven for a longer time as I find it gives a better flavour and cooks the chicken off the bone.  I don't add sour cream (although it tastes really yummy, it's just not something I do). So this is what you need....

2-3 lbs of chicken pieces ( I prefer chicken thighs and drumsticks (attached), as the darker meat provides lots of good flavour).
1 onion, chopped
Paprika - I used smoked
Salt & Pepper

Layer the onion on the bottom. Add chicken that has been seasoned liberally with the Paprika, add salt and pepper as well. Layer some onions on top of chicken pieces. Add water to the bottom of the pan, enough to cover the layer of onions or more. Place in an oven at 375 degrees and depending on how much you have, bake it for 1 hour to 1.5 hours (If you are cooking chicken backs attached to the thigh and drumstick, leave it in for the 1.5 hours). Towards the last 20 minutes, start to get your dumpling mix ready. Now some people use commercially prepared mixes, but I find it just as easy to make my own.

This is for the smaller firmer dumplings (not the big fluffy ones):

3 eggs slightly beaten
3 cups flour
Salt added to boiling water and some to flour mixture (I add about 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp) but if you don't have a salt restriction you could add more.
I also add parsley, fresh or dry

Mix this together with about 1/2 cup water, mix with a fork, if it seems too firm you want to add more water. It should look a bit lumpy and gluey, but not watery. If it's too thick the dumplings will be hard. Add them to the boiling water with a tablespoon . Let them cook for about 10 minutes. Then drain and add to the cooked Chicken Paprikash. Mix it in with the juices from the chicken.

And voila!... a simple and non labour intensive dinner. 
Serve with a nice cooked vegetable.

 Have a great day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Awards Part I

I want to thank a couple individuals for giving me blog awards.

Firstly, I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award  from Narelle over at Life-a-liscious. Narelle is a busy mom with two beautiful children, she frequents Big Picture Classes and lives in Sunny Australia! Narelle gave me this award before Christmas... I accepted it but sorry Narelle it has taken so long to follow up... I say, better late than never :).
There are some responsibilities with accepting the award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 8 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered (see below).
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

I have chosen to go with sharing 4 things about myself:

1. I love all genres of music from Robbi Draco Rosa & Gosh Groban to Jason Aldean & Dave Mathews, from Ben Harper & Alicia Keys to Kid Rock & Arcade Fire (don't fault me here - Kid Rock has an amazing voice when he sings like a normal person). Okay, so maybe not all genres... Sorry Rammstein...

2. I will only eat bananas if they are slightly green, anything more than that is up for grabs or thrown in the freezer...

3. I received 2 black eyes on two separate incidences while in High School.

4. My favourite Scotch is Cardhu... reasonably priced but hard to find unfortunately...

I have chosen 4 bloggers to award the "Stylish Blogger Award" (these are in no particular order).

1. Stephanie Johanna - Here's Looking At You Kid
2. Lisa Hausmann - Recklinghausen Musings
3. Carrie  - Through the Camera Lens
4. Maria Ontiveros  - Gallo Organico

If you haven't seen their blogs please check them out. They are all very talented women.

Thursday I will share Part II

Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

She Art Week 2

This time change thing always throws me for a loop... last night I completely forgot about it... every time I tried to go to bed I thought of one more thing I wanted to do on my canvas... I really couldn't stop... and then when I thought it was 2:00 am, blimey, it was actually 3:00!! I see a nap in my near future :)

So I finished two more pieces for my She Art Class and I'm quite pleased with them. The idea for this week was for Christy to show us how to do scenes... so the first one here is very similar to the example she did  in class... I loved her idea of creating a 50's style dress for the girl including a cute headband.

This second canvas I had an idea to do a night scene with a girl on her patio... hence the patio lanterns...
Her hair looks like it has white in it , but it's the reflection of the black ink. I like her cute little capris and long tunic.

 I was able to use my new Tim Holtz stamps that I picked up at Treasured Memories this week and while I was there I had a chance to visit with Chantel and KC and of course Scarlett and Jr. This just reminds me that I need to plan a crop night with the girls! So girls... you will be hearing from me soon :)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Mail Day! eh?

My Happy Mail arrived last week form Rinda! I was so excited to see the package and couldn't wait to open it!
I have had a chance to just browse through it and some ideas are already popping into my head. When I am completed with it I will post a Pass The Book for all of you to enter for a chance to see this wonderful piece of art. Thanks again to Sian for creating this wonderful idea!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please Vote!

Hi Everyone! My niece's friend Mike will soon be graduating from college with a marketing degree. He has entered an Ultimate Blogger contest to work for BMW. If you have a look at the link below you can see his blog and by voting for him, you will give him a great chance at an opportunity to do something exciting! Please vote for Mike! Just click the button at the top right of the page. Thanks so much for your support!

Mike Banasek

Monday, March 7, 2011

She Art Class...

I have completed my first "She Art" canvas and I love it! Christy's class is amazing and you are in luck if you would like to take it she is offering it again in April... I am behind but what else is new :) She provides some beautiful videos (lots of videos in HD!) with great demonstration on how to create these fun pieces of art. This is a 6x6 canvas size.

Have a great night everyone!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Storytelling Sunday

Today is Storytelling Sunday, something Sian over at  From High In the Sky started several months ago. Now I will never profess to be a storyteller... I'm more of a "Show and Tell" person, however I thought  I would give it a go.

One morning last week Marvin and I were putting our coats on and about to leave the house for work when his Blackberry did it's little chime thingy, telling him he has a reminder... He picked it up and looked .... then started laughing in a controlled hysterical manner... at which point he told me it is our 10 year Engagement Anniversary... I couldn't help but start giggling, we shared a kiss and wished each other Happy Engagement Anniversary and off to work we went...

I started thinking about how I picked out my engagement ring... Marvin has a guy for everything... often he will say things like "okay when we do our bathroom renos we will call this guy" or "when we need to replace the sidewalk we will call this guy..." so when I look back at this story, it didn't really surprise me when he called me up over 10 years ago to tell me he had this guy show him a ring which he wanted me to have a look at... just to make sure I would like it (he was told I loved the Princess cut diamond).  Realizing with our different schedules it would be weeks before we could go together to look at the ring, I did what I believe most women would do faced with this situation... I promptly got dressed and was out the door in 15 minutes...

The ring was located in a small jewellery store in China Town... not the usual place one from these parts would expect to purchase an engagement ring... but then I was so excited. I could feel the adrenalin rushing through my veins. It didn't matter where the ring was... I was on a mission... serious business.  When I walked into the shop, the owner asked if she could help me... I explained to her that my boyfriend called to tell me of a ring he wanted me to see. She knew who I was and asked me to have a seat at which point she opened up one of the jewellery cases to pull out the ring... my heart melted and I fell in love immediately...

Approximately 2 hours had passed from when I received the phone call from Marvin. I had returned home and wasted no time picking up the phone. There was a pause when I said I had just come from looking at the ring... he laughed, not quite expecting me to follow up on his suggestion so quickly, but then realized  how could he hope for anything different, after all this would result in an event that would  mark a date which would be remembered years to come...

Note the Emerald cut :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sarah McLachlan

These days there are very little artists who sound the same live as they do on their albums... Sarah McLachlan is one of those artists...

I had a wonderful Friday night with my girlfriends... first we met for dinner at Earls and then headed to the Jubilee for an amazing concert with Sarah McLachlan... I have been a fan for years and even saw her Lilith Fair tour back in the day (I believe, 1998) at which time I made it a resolution to see her again... just Sarah... no others... (hearing 4 or 5 songs on the Lilith tour was not enough) but for whatever reason each time she strolled through Edmonton, I was either out of town, or had something important scheduled and thus never able to materialize this desire... until last night... thanks to my good friend Brenda, who had the same mission "to SEE Sarah, by herself" we were both able to sit and enjoy the music. I was excited to hear some of my old favourites, like "Building a Mystery", "Good Enough" and "Sweet Surrender"... however, when she sang "Angel" with Butterfly Boucher & Melissa McLelland... I was so moved by the harmony of their voices that I had an overwhelming sense of emotion which brought tears to my eyes... (funny, my friend Jen asked before we sat down who was going to cry?!!)... Anyway, I am thrilled to have seen her and now I am able to cross her off my list of must sees :)

Photo: Edmonton Journal