Friday, February 4, 2011

Revised Pay It Forward

Hello Everyone!

So some of you have emailed me to say you are interested, but either you do not have a blog, or you don't have the time to pay it forward to 5 people, so... I have decided to change things :)  I will forego the original rules. I will still make something homemade to 5 people, but if you do not want to participate in the pay it forward part, or if you only want to make something for 1 or 2 people, that is completely fine by me! So if that makes it easier for any of you then by all means please let me know. I am totally okay with it!

So there we have it! Happy Friday!



  1. Hi there Ginger! I would love to participate in the pay it forward challenge. I will do my very best to join in if 5 people want to respond on my blog when I post it but in any case, it's such a fun idea. All this creativity here through our blogs is so inspirational!