Thursday, February 24, 2011

Classes Update

Wellness Journey completed today :(  Lisa Cohen brought lots of great information to the class. I`m sad to see it end, however... I will continue with my journey. I can say after the 8 weeks I feel so much better. I am sleeping more soundly and my stress has decreased. I believe it is from the techniques I learned from class on deep breathing and taking some time each day to be quiet and reflective. I am still seeing results on the scale and am continuing with my fitness regime. I am confidant with my strength training and look forward to setting some new goals.

Yesterday and Today: I have kind of let this class slip by the wayside. Mostly because other things have come up...I am so happy for forever access at BPC.

Got Paint?:  I signed up for this class last night, it is only four weeks long, and my goal this year is to learn more about mixed media, how could I resist? LOL! This weeks assignment is to start an art journal... Hello!! I already have one started :0 But no... I will make one specific to this class...

She Art:  I can't wait for this one... I am fascinated by Christy's techniques and her canvases are truly a work of art... very inspirational!

Question??? I received an e-mail this morning on this upcoming class by Julie at Balzer Designs....called It's Sew Easy... ewwwhhh this one intrigues me because it includes sewing.... and mixed media... anyone interested in signing up with me as my friend?? LOL! Really... she is offering a 20% discount for friends, so it will cost $68 USD versus $85 if you sign up by yourself.... let me know if you are interested!

I thought I would share a few photos from February.

Digital template: Creativity by Crystal

Yes that is a photo of my messy scrap room... I am in the process of sorting through things and reorganizing...


  1. Both the She Art and Julie's class look tempting; but I can't commit to anything else right now. I'm having a hard time keeping up on the longer term classes like BPC's One Little Word - I did Jan, but haven't looked at it in Feb and the month is about over. Isn't it nice to know we can keep learning at any age (at whatever rate we can fit into our lives)?

  2. I know a few people who are signed up for She Art - I'm another one who can't take on anymore just at the minute; but I think it looks amazing. I'm sure you will love it!

  3. So glad you are feeling the results from the Wellness Journey workshop. I'm back on track with my exercise and feeling better about it this week. Sounds like some fun classes you're signed up for. I started Finding Your Way this week and am taking Stacy's i.scrap starting next week (despite my goal to not purchase any classes for a while!:>)

  4. I have a friend who is on the She class and she has posted some gorgeous pictures. I keep meaning to fish out my handouts from Y&T from the fist time it ran - I didn't manage a single assignment! And I have just finished the Feb LOAD and it was pretty intensive so I didn't have any time to do anything else all month! I am not currently signed up for anything which is a surprise for me but will do the May LOAD and then the Mother Load over at BPC late summer. If I see anything from NicH over at BPC I will be certain to sign up. I am hoping to just get on with some scrapping and join in a few challenges here and there - there are so many out there! But you are very productive with what you are involved in and how you are managing to keep up with it all! Well done!