Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Hands...

I have had a wonderful weekend in my art room playing with paints and stamps and embellishments and just... taking the time to relax and CREATE... I have to say... my work week is extremely exhausting these days and last week was a bit of a reprieve with the Stat holiday and having Friday off... so tomorrow it starts again :)

On Friday while shopping for goodies for my classes I happened upon a woman Artist at "Michaels". I was searching for canvases and paint; first I went to the craft section where they have all the cheap paints, where I wanted to look for some new colours. This woman was kneeling and leaning with her head practically touching the floor; I could hear her mumbling something to herself... she soon noticed she had company in the aisle and stood up. I started browsing at the paint at which point she interrupted me... at first I was a bit indifferent until I started listening to what she had to say... I had no idea how to pick out paint... she proceeded to show me all the old bottles of paint and how to tell they were old... I mean, I am aware that if the paint is separated from the oil it is no longer good, but what I did not know was how to tell by smelling the paint and if it is pulling away from the bottle. She proceeded to provide me with a lesson on when to buy paint. We live in a country where the cold weather affects many things, one of them being chemicals, so if a shipment of paint freezes it affects it's chemical makeup and "poof" you no longer have suitable paint as it will crack and peel from your canvas.

I ended up not buying any paint as I felt I would be wasting money and besides, who am I kidding... I have enough paint... :)

Here are 3 more journal pages for my Got Paint class...

This one was lots of fun! I used some of my stamps to create a background on top of the dry brush acrylic application.

Sorry, this photo is a bit blurry. The background is gesso applied on some very old patterned paper that after all these years I have found a new use for. Once the gesso dried, I used an acrylic wash (I also textured the gesso prior to it drying). I couldn't help but use the little paper doilies I purchased at the dollar store... these flowers make me happy :)

I used the stencils to create this leaf pattern on some already patterned paper. I love the colour combination of orange red and soft blue. I also pulled out some of these little punched butterflies I got from Lisa! It really feels good to use up what you already have!

Until next time!



  1. It is indeed a beautiful colour combination :)

    It sounds like a very interesting shopping trip!

  2. I like your pages, see you around in class!

  3. These are all fabulous! I think the second is my favorite though.

  4. These are SO pretty! I think she was meant to be there for you! ;)

  5. Love these - *love* them! I'm wanting to use paint to create backgrounds for some art journal pages, these have really inspired me, thank you :-)