Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wellness Week 3

It's actually the start of Week 4 of our Wellness Class, but I will tell you a bit about Week 3 and the challenges I have had. Marvin has been away and so with all the snow I was not able to get to the gym as often. Yes, shovelling is good exercise, but who wants to be outside when it's -26C? Bloody Hell!! Especially with almost record breaking snowfall... we are just not used to this amount of snow (BTW I tried to find out how much we have actually had, but google is not being helpful tonight!), it's lots as you can see by the photos. Part of it is my own doing... I don't use the snow-blower (and that's because I don't like operating equipment other than my personal vehicle, some latent fear I suppose, it's a similar problem with starting the barbeque - okay, there is a good reason for that one, my singed eyebrows took 1 year to grow back to normal!). I prefer the old fashioned method of shovelling (deep down I guess I prefer the exercise).Okay... on with it...Here is my layout.

Digital Supplies: Freebie Kit (All Seasons) from Keira; template & snowflake overlay - Shimelle; Alphabet - Jessica Sprague class; Paint Overlay & Buttons - Anna Aspnes; Stamp (on alphabet) Fei-fei's Stuff (Crazy Beautiful kit)  @ Oscraps; tag - Unknown.

Here is a comparison from the past two weeks. On the left you can see the Green Egg, but on the right the Egg is almost completely covered by snow...
Ohhh what I wouldn't do for +26C and the smell of ribs cooking on that Egg right now... they say if you imagine the way you want your life to be it will happen... I wonder if the hot weather will come sooner... Well it's worth a try...

Have a wonderful evening everyone!



  1. Great layout - I like the way you did the strips of photos and patterned paper. Wow, I can't even imagine dealing with that much snow day to day.

  2. I love that layout - photo strips is a favourite technique of mine that I don't use often enough! And I have to say that the photos of all your snow are wonderful! We had a real white Christmas here where I live for the first time in over 20 years and i loved every minute of it - ok, so I didn't have to clear snow or shovel or anything so maybe that helped! :-)

  3. Wonderful page = those strips are so effective - like looking out through a window with a blind. That's a LOT of snow, and I don't think I've ever ecperienced -26C so you have my admiration for even trying to get to the gym!

  4. Hehe - I'm not very good with equipment myself!

    I can only echo what Alexa has already said so well

  5. Awww I've been on a kinda internet break this past week dealing with kiddos but I LOOOOOVE your layout, thank you so much for using my freebie :)
    I feel your pain on shoveling too, except I think this past week it's been in the -40 range not counting windchill. We have a snowblower tractor ride on thing, but the man's never shown me how to use it and he's gone every time it seems to snow enough to need it! Good thing I've got a big old truck that can just drive a path through it in my driveway!

  6. Love the strips! We are used to snow but the negative temps I'll never get used to! Stay warm!

  7. Also, since I just saw the other comment, I'm taking my Art Journal thing at a scrapbook store called Scrapbook Graphics. that takes you right to the class description, etc. Tangie is a really involved workshop/class teacher. She spends a ton of time making sure she comments and answers questions and it's a nice place to bounce things off each other.

  8. Love you layout and, I must admit - you've got me craving ribs now!! Mmmmmmm :)