Sunday, January 2, 2011

Journal Your Christmas Finale!

Here is my last post showing my final pages from the JYC class with Shimelle. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to next year!

Day 21 prompt was to take a photo of your home in the state it's in. I chose to include a photo of our kitchen, albeit dark here, but it shows the pots on the stove in preparation for the big day.

Day 22 prompt was quick and easy, make a list of what is left to do and as you can see here there were just a few things, but all very important nonetheless!

Now day 23 was the only page not finished... I wanted to add a photo of all the decorative cards we received this year, however, I refused to get this one photo printed at Superstore... mostly because by the time I was to post this I thought hubby would have had my Christmas gift all set up and ready for me to use... he bought me a photo-printer (yay!). So instead I will share the photo here...

Day 24... Christmas Eve! We spent the entire day prepping for Christmas Day... I had gone out in the morning as I wanted some Ginger Beer for my Gingerbread Martinis, but after stopping at three places I gave up... apparently everyone in the city was having difficulty ordering it so it was completely unavailable! Oh well, these things happen... Anyway, we were in the kitchen until 9:30 at night... I had wrapped all the gifts, made the stuffing and desserts while Marvin prepared gravy, the ham sauce, cranberry sauce and got the turkey in the brine... By the time we sat down, we were fairly exhausted... but I had time to take this photo of Eddie with the gifts under the tree...

Day 25.... Christmas Day! All of the hard work put in the previous day, allowed time in the morning to visit my sister Carmen in her new home... The guests started to arrive at 2:30 pm and we had appetizers while enjoying some good conversation ... dinner was served at 6 pm... it was grand!

Day 26... Boxing Day! We did absolutely nothing... it was pure bliss... watching movies and eating leftovers... we did not venture shopping as we prefer not to fight the crowds... Overall, it was an enjoyable and relaxing day.

And so there it is... the end of my Journal Your Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me and tomorrow I will share what my next projects are... Until then... Have a wonderful evening!



  1. I really have enjoyed absolutely every page - and I like your new look too :)

  2. your journal is gorgeous and pretty! lovely. well done on getting it finished! what an achievement. I finished mine today too - my format proved a complete disaster, but the memories and photos within it will be wonderful in years to come - such a great project.
    I agree, pretty blog design.