Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wellness Week 5

The weekend is coming to an end and I still have many things to do! We are well into week 5 of our Wellness Journey and I want to share the digital layout I did this week. In our Wellness class we were asked to do a layout of  what we need more of in our life. When I was going through my photos, I came across this one of me in Guatemala during my senior Nursing practicum. While there the thing I noticed the most was how happy the Guatemalans were no matter how little they had. The quote is from class and it talks about obstacles and how we need to face our challenges head on, I think this would be easier to do if we did not allow stress to bother us so much and took more time to enjoy what we already have.

Digital Supplies: Anna Aspnes kit, Songbird Avenue (Port au Prince kit).

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketches 2 Scrapbook Winter Release

Anam has released a second version of the Sketches 2 Scrapbook app and you can find it here.

This is my contribution....
Products: Making Memories Papers & embellishments; Die Cuts - Tim Holtz (border) & Sizzix (tag); Stamp - Heidi Swapp; Glitter Chipboard alpha - American Craft.

You can purchase the original release here (it's on sale for $2.99).

Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Missing You...

Raising my glass of scotch to you buddy....

Digital Kit - Jessica Sprague, buttons - Anna Aspnes & ScrapArtist, Template - Ali Edwards

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wellness Week 3

It's actually the start of Week 4 of our Wellness Class, but I will tell you a bit about Week 3 and the challenges I have had. Marvin has been away and so with all the snow I was not able to get to the gym as often. Yes, shovelling is good exercise, but who wants to be outside when it's -26C? Bloody Hell!! Especially with almost record breaking snowfall... we are just not used to this amount of snow (BTW I tried to find out how much we have actually had, but google is not being helpful tonight!), it's lots as you can see by the photos. Part of it is my own doing... I don't use the snow-blower (and that's because I don't like operating equipment other than my personal vehicle, some latent fear I suppose, it's a similar problem with starting the barbeque - okay, there is a good reason for that one, my singed eyebrows took 1 year to grow back to normal!). I prefer the old fashioned method of shovelling (deep down I guess I prefer the exercise).Okay... on with it...Here is my layout.

Digital Supplies: Freebie Kit (All Seasons) from Keira; template & snowflake overlay - Shimelle; Alphabet - Jessica Sprague class; Paint Overlay & Buttons - Anna Aspnes; Stamp (on alphabet) Fei-fei's Stuff (Crazy Beautiful kit)  @ Oscraps; tag - Unknown.

Here is a comparison from the past two weeks. On the left you can see the Green Egg, but on the right the Egg is almost completely covered by snow...
Ohhh what I wouldn't do for +26C and the smell of ribs cooking on that Egg right now... they say if you imagine the way you want your life to be it will happen... I wonder if the hot weather will come sooner... Well it's worth a try...

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Childhood Memories

I just finished my layout for the third week of Yesterday & Today! Wow, this was lots of work, and lots of fun. I made the layout into an 8.5 x 11, mostly because I could not come up with 6 stories and because I don`t really have lots of childhood photos. Ali talks about that and there are some good ideas on the message boards for those cases you have a story but no photo. You can look at this site called morgue file. The photos here are for public use and so you do not need permission to download and use. Anyway, here is my layout and the stories follow it.

Story 1
I was sad when mom and dad went to Germany and I wasn’t able to go with them. When they returned home mom showed me the little dress she had bought and I couldn’t wait to try it on.  I really liked my dress, I especially liked that it was red and whenever I wore it to church I got lots of cheek squeezes from the women telling me I looked so cute. It was a sad day when I grew too big to wear it again. Mom took this photo of Curtis (with his feathered hat, also from Germany) and me after church.

Story 2
When I was about 5 or 6 mom and dad went to Hawaai and my eldest sister, Brenda and her husband Joe stayed with us.  Brenda is a good cook and so for the most part I don’t remember the good food she made, but I definitely remember her serving mushroom soup at one meal and liver and onions at another meal. Now, as a child I cannot recall my mom ever making me sit at the dinner table until I was finished eating. My spot was sitting next to dad, so if I couldn’t finish eating all I had to do was look at dad and he would eat my food for me. Unfortunately for me dad was not there and so I was made to sit at the table until I ate it. I never did, infact when noone was looking my brother, Curtis grabbed the food and threw it out.  Today, I do not have an aversion to mushroom soup. I actually quite like it, especially home made. I cannot say the same though for liver and onions. Although, I haven’t really made the opportunity to eat it,  I just might have to give it a go...

Story 3

My dad liked his real to real player and as a child I can remember Sunday’s were a time for company to come and visit. Mostly it was my cousins... I remember dad put on the real to real and in front of the cousins he would hand me the microphone and with some prompting I began to sing. I would sing “Sing” by the Carpenters... my favourite part was the “la, la, la, la, la... la, la, la, la, la,.... la, la, la, la, la, la, la, just sing, sing a song”. The other song I had in my repetoire was “It’s a Small World”. I had the little 45 and would listen to it over and over while looking at the colored photos and I would dream of being in other countries with the children shown in the little album book. Needless to say, I wanted to go to Disneyland badly to see the “It’s a Small World”, I didn’t know what it was I wanted to see, but I knew it was in Disneyland.

Story 4
I was about 6 or 7 years old when I was hospitalized for pneumonia. I was scared and homesick. Mom would come and visit me during the day time but then there was nothing to do after she left as there were no other children. I stayed in a four bed room with a grandma who did not speak English. The nurses must have felt sorry for me because I was not eating very much and one of them asked if I would like to eat with them in their report room. They were very friendly, but I was very shy and did not talk much. I was very happy to go home and see my family and friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yesterday & Today

I am really enjoying Ali's class and have managed to do one digi layout. I have been a bit behind with the class, mostly because I am still on the fence if I want to do this album as a hybrid or completely digital... so far it is looking to be digital as hubby still has not set up my photo printer (something about getting new stereo equipment and having to move things in the office and so you can see where this is going...)  ;) I'm not going to complain too much as the result may benefit my art room (music for my ears)!

Here is my title page... I am doing this album on myself... it will include those stories I have been wanting to tell and those that I am still waiting to remember!

Digital template - Ali Edwards, digi paper - Crystal Wilkerson @ Jessica Sprague.

Tonight I hope to work on this weeks assignment, which is to tell 6 stories about your childhood. I am off to choose some photos.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wellness Week 2

I will give you an update of week 1 on my Wellness Journey. I feel great, but I am so flippin tired... last week I did not sleep well and I thought with getting back at the gym I would have all this energy bursting at the seams (my seams ha ha!), but I fell asleep on the couch every night at about 7:30 pm and then got up at 9 and went to bed! I can't wait for the days to get longer, I miss the long days of June where it's still daylight at 10 pm... Okay... enough wining, moving on! I started a strength training program this past week, as I am attending a special centre to help with the problems I have been having with my arm and neck. I'm currently back at work, and doing my full duties, but am on WCB. The Millard Centre is an amazing facility where I was seen by a physician who sent me off for an MRI of my neck which came back negative for any pinched nerves... I was given the go ahead to start their program. The strength training exercises are a full body workout and it takes about 1.25 hours to do them all and let me tell you, I can feel it. It's great and I am thankful for their help. I am still getting up at 0445 to go to the gym at 0520 and doing about 50 minutes of activity. So all in all, not too shabby of a week.

This week the class focus is on nutrition... Here is my digi layout designed by Lisa Cohen
I plan to eat lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and to make healthier choices related to sweets or snacks. Marvin and I have always been huge proponents of eating fresh foods. We buy almost no packaged foods and prefer to cook from scratch. One of my goals is to watch portion sizes, although it is great that we cook this fresh and wonderful food, it is important to remember how much of it our body actually needs to be healthy!

I have printed off Lisa's food journal sheets and will keep track of my nutrition.
That's if for now. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy your week!


Friday, January 7, 2011

More Layouts!

Happy Friday Night to you! I am content to be inside with the heavy snowfall warning in effect, I just might stay in all weekend! LOL!

I was planning on having a nice glass of wine and perhaps a bubble bath, however, I thought I would share a couple layouts with you first. They were both made with one of the sketches from the Sketches2Scrapbook iPhone App ( You can see my original post here.

Supplies: (Paper) Prima, Basic Grey, Graphic 45, Kraft, and white cardstock (Bazzil), Flowers - Prima, Butterflies, chipboard pieces - Riff Raff, Chipboard Alphabet - Amercian Craft Thickers, Glimmer Mist, Stickles, Claudine Hellmuth paint, Golden - Gesso, Quote strips - House of 3, Sticker strip (below photo) - Basic Grey

The second layout was fun to make as well, but I can't believe I spelled the title wrong. Honestly, I did not even pick up on it until I viewed it on the app... Oh well, I have never claimed to be perfect and I have no problem admitting when I made a mistake!

 Paper: SEI, Anna Griffin, Girl's Paperie - Die Cut; Other: American Craft Thickers, Prima - flowers, Basic Grey - Doilies, Little Yellow Bicycle - Border Stickers (Green Strips), House of Three - Banners, Kaiser Craft - Rhinestones, Font - Century

I love those orange Prima flowers and the little banner cut out from House of 3 Summer Junque line.

Anam has announced she will have a second release of new sketches for her Sketches2Scrapbook! Stay tuned... and on that note... I will say Good Evening!


Monday, January 3, 2011


What does Wellness mean to you? I have thought about this and one thing is certain... for me it would be a normal blood pressure reading... although I have been to the gym regularly since September and have lost 15 lbs, my blood pressure when I visited my doctor 3 weeks ago was 146/101... not good!

I have joined the Wellness Journey class at Big Picture... and I know my focus will be on becoming a healthy person... How? Well... for one thing I definitely need to decrease my stress... so this will be accomplished by continuing to do the things I am doing, but also to incorporate some stress relieving exercises like deep breathing for 5-10 minutes each day... this will help me to decompress (so I don't implode!!). Also, I am looking forward to adding a strength training routine to my regular workout schedule... Other things I will work on is meal planning and taking wheat & sugar (chocolate especially) out of my diet (I did this for 2 months before Christmas and it really worked). So there... I am sharing this with you to help keep myself accountable and I really hope within a few months I can be rid of the blood pressure pills I am currently on.

To help encourage myself I made a little layout which I will share with you... and if you wish to tag along on this journey I would love to hear from you.

Digi kit from OScraps - Aja Abney, digi template - Shimelle.

Have an amazing day!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Journal Your Christmas Finale!

Here is my last post showing my final pages from the JYC class with Shimelle. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to next year!

Day 21 prompt was to take a photo of your home in the state it's in. I chose to include a photo of our kitchen, albeit dark here, but it shows the pots on the stove in preparation for the big day.

Day 22 prompt was quick and easy, make a list of what is left to do and as you can see here there were just a few things, but all very important nonetheless!

Now day 23 was the only page not finished... I wanted to add a photo of all the decorative cards we received this year, however, I refused to get this one photo printed at Superstore... mostly because by the time I was to post this I thought hubby would have had my Christmas gift all set up and ready for me to use... he bought me a photo-printer (yay!). So instead I will share the photo here...

Day 24... Christmas Eve! We spent the entire day prepping for Christmas Day... I had gone out in the morning as I wanted some Ginger Beer for my Gingerbread Martinis, but after stopping at three places I gave up... apparently everyone in the city was having difficulty ordering it so it was completely unavailable! Oh well, these things happen... Anyway, we were in the kitchen until 9:30 at night... I had wrapped all the gifts, made the stuffing and desserts while Marvin prepared gravy, the ham sauce, cranberry sauce and got the turkey in the brine... By the time we sat down, we were fairly exhausted... but I had time to take this photo of Eddie with the gifts under the tree...

Day 25.... Christmas Day! All of the hard work put in the previous day, allowed time in the morning to visit my sister Carmen in her new home... The guests started to arrive at 2:30 pm and we had appetizers while enjoying some good conversation ... dinner was served at 6 pm... it was grand!

Day 26... Boxing Day! We did absolutely nothing... it was pure bliss... watching movies and eating leftovers... we did not venture shopping as we prefer not to fight the crowds... Overall, it was an enjoyable and relaxing day.

And so there it is... the end of my Journal Your Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me and tomorrow I will share what my next projects are... Until then... Have a wonderful evening!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Celebrations & JYC

We spent a quiet New Year's Eve with some close friends. Good food, great conversation and awesome friends make for the perfect way to ring in the New Year!

Well, I believe it is time to share more of my completed Journal Your Christmas pages. Have I told you how much I enjoyed this class? There were so many stories to tell that I was not able to write them all, which is great because I have saved them for next year!
Day 16 prompt was a reminder to think of the season and what you are grateful for... I am grateful for having the life I have, and being surrounded by people I love... I journaled and placed it in the pocket I created for this page.

Day 17 prompt made us think about the gifts we purchase. Do you shop for the perfect gift, knowing it when you see it? Or do you have a list of items given to you? We usually give lists, it might be the easier way out, but for me it works as there is less stress involved! LOL!

Day 18 was simple. It was to have us list the menu items we are planning for Christmas Day dinner. The photo shows some of the favourites we will be cooking.
Day 19 prompt was to have us write a letter to St. Nic... this is not something we did as kids, so it was fun to write a letter to the big guy in red!

Day 20 prompt was to give us the opportunity to journal about any surprises that may have happened thus far... the unexpected... During my "Colour or is it Color" class we had a group of us who wanted to send a Christmas Card to each other. So the plan was to send one card to one person in the group and we were given the name of that individual. As it turns out, some of the women decided to mail cards to everyone... what a lovely surprise that was. As well, there were a few women who managed to send an e-card out to everyone, also a lovely surprise!

That is all for today. Tomorrow I will share the remaining pages... Enjoy your day!