Tuesday, December 14, 2010

JYC Day 7 - 11

How is everyone's Christmas preparations going? Are you getting ready? I'm almost caught up on my Journal Your Christmas class over at Shimelle's. Here are a few more pages... I apologize for the darkness of the photos, but there is no sunlight by the time I'm able to take these photos... the sunrise was at 0843 this morning and sunset at 1614! That's about 7 hours of daylight, that will be changing soon though... yes the first day of Winter is coming next week and with it is the change in daylight hours, a celebration in itself.

Day 7's prompt was to help make a list of things that still need to be done, mine is short and sweet! I must be pretty prepared, well not really... but never fear... we always seem to manage, don't we?

Day 8 is a reflection of all the sights of Christmas... I did not have any time to have photos printed so I made a little pouch to put them in... I have taken a few pics of some of my favourite ornaments etc.

The prompt for December 9th was to look at your traditions. What do you do year to year to celebrate the season? I added Christmas baking, Christmas cards, trimming the tree and my new tradition "the Cookie Exchange"! I think this class has encouraged me to start some new traditions, I am already thinking about next year!

December 10th's prompt was a quick and easy page to do... we were to think about our gift wrapping, do you go out to find the perfect paper for each gift, or do you just buy the paper in bulk? I'm not usually too picky, there are a few requirements... the paper must be colourful and of good quality.

December 11th is all about the Christmas Tree! We bought a new tree this year and I love it!!
There you have it!

I hope you are able to partake in some Christmas Festivities in the days to come!


  1. I definitely love a good quality paper! It makes the wrapping more pleasurable I think.

    I love your Christmassy look!

  2. Love the wrapping page! Tree looks really pretty!

  3. wow, your pages are so cute! i love the little pom pom trim! and the colours that you are using!

  4. oh wow, seeing your album come together is making me wish I had taken the class! These pages are all gorgeous. :)

  5. neat idea!
    i've always wanted to get into scrapbooking, but it's just too expensive of a hobby for me! :(