Saturday, December 11, 2010

JYC Day 6

I'm a bit behind in my JYC class but that's okay, I plan to catch up this weekend! Day 6 prompt was difficult. The idea was to journal about two different Christmas memories, one maybe not so perfect... I wrote about how travelling at Christmas is not so easy at times and how now we choose to stay closer to home (Edmonton).
 A Tale of 2 Christmases

My two sisters Arlene and Carmen, and I live here, while the rest of our family live near mom and dad in Saskatchewan. For more than 20 years, many of my memories of Christmas are related to the excitement of travelling to visit family. However, the last time we attempted to travel home for Christmas it was not meant to be. After the furnace breaking down twice, and my car having a malfunction, we attempted the drive in -35C with Marvin’s SUV. We were 2.5 hours outside of Edmonton when we stopped to get a coffee and as soon as the vehicle was turned off we could smell oil. We still had another 4.5 hours to go, so we turned the vehicle around and drove back to Edmonton. Even though I had not put up a Christmas tree that year, we made the best of our Christmas Eve by making some of our favourites such as pancakes for breakfast, a tasty chicken Caesar salad for dinner, and for snacks we baked Marvin’s mom’s famous Nuts and Bolts recipe. On Christmas Day we drove to Barrhead and shared the afternoon with his family.

Our Christmas traditions have changed. Instead of switching off every year between visiting my family or Marvin’s, we now stay home here in Edmonton, and see both my family and his. This will be our second year trying this. This is not to say we will no longer travel at Christmas, but more that traditions change and it is okay to accept that.

Here is a photo of my journal page, as you can see I printed off my journaling on white presentation paper with a red font and placed it behind the pocket I created.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend full of fun Christmas celebrations. 


  1. what a neat prompt idea! This is my first year having to travel to be with family for Christmas. It's exciting, but I'm also a little stressed as travel plans are dependent on so many other factors. Glad to hear you were able to make the most of the situation, even if you weren't able to connect with the extended family!

  2. Cute on the pocket! And I agree no need to stress over the journal - bit behind here too. :)