Friday, December 31, 2010

Journal Your Christmas

Hello my friends! I finally completed my JYC book. I have chosen to use Boxing Day as my final page, although the class does not end until Jan. 6th. I have found my book will not make it another 10 days as it is way too fat with all the dimensional goodies inside. LOL! I have to say I really enjoyed this class immensely... it is well worth the money and now that I paid my $35, I have forever access and can join next year without paying anything. If you were not able to make it this year, may I suggest you think about it for the next time, you will not be sorry!
I will share the remaining pages with you over the next several days. I would have had these posted earlier, but tis the flu season and I fell ill prior to Christmas as I'm sure many of you have had a similar experience!
Without further adieu...
Day 12 prompt was to share a time when Christmas changed for you and your family. Was there a time when you vacationed elsewhere, do you have the same people celebrating each year, or has there been any new additions to the festivities. I chose to tuck my journaling in a little pocket I made.

Day 13 is pretty straight forward. I made a list of all my favourite childhood Christmas songs which I loved to sing (and still do).

Day 14 tells the tale of how gifts are opened; who passes them out; are they opened all at once or does each person have there chance to open their gift while others watch? We pick someone to pass them out to each person and the individual opens while everyone watches. This definitely allows for picture taking of each gift being opened.
Day 15 prompt asks you to journal who will be visiting you, or to tell if you are visiting others.

And there you have it... I will share more over the next couple days!
Enjoy your New Years Eve!



  1. And you enjoy yours too Ginger! Did I spot you over at Yesterday And Today? Your pages are beautiful and I'd love to see the rest

  2. Hi there! Just dropping by to say hello and I love the look of your journal! Great stuff. I did a mix of December Daily and JYC (I joined in 2006 and have enjoyed the prompts every Christmas ever since!). I will finish mine on 25th as it is already about 10" thick!! I need to finish it!

    Great to connect with you outside BPC - I will be dropping by more often.

    Have a wonderful New Year and see you in 2011!

  3. ooo, and just had to add that i spy one of your tags that you so kindly sent to me! I used one in my journal too! SNAP!