Sunday, December 5, 2010

Journal Your Christmas Day 2, 3, 4, & 5!

Whew!! This has been a crazy weekend packed full of Christmas preparation and parties! Lots of fun! I am having a cookie exchange this week so I have been busy baking and packaging up my cookies... Saturday night I was at a staff Christmas party which was very relaxing and enjoyable! We did a gift exchange and I got a beautiful red Starbucks mug with some coffee and Gingerbread biscotti... Yum Yum!

This afternoon I was able to finish my JYC pages and I thought I would share them with you...

Here is December 2...
The prompt for Day 2 was regarding the weather... what is the weather like for Christmas where you live? Do you live in a hot climate or cold climate? It's definitely cold where I'm from. LOL! I made a little pocket behind the Snow Day card and wrote down what the weather was like on Thursday, placed the journaling in the hidden pocket so I can look back...

Day three was about Christmas cards... what type of traditions do you have related to Christmas cards? Do you make your own? Do you purchase cards and send them off? I typically make my cards, I love to do this.

Day 4 prompt was to share what your dream Christmas would look like... Of course I actually love the fact that we have snow on the ground at Christmas, it just would not be the same if there wasn't... however; I would like to experience Christmas on a beach with a big tropical beverage in hand. Again, the journaling for this page is placed in a pocket behind the photo.
Day 5... How do you count down the days to Christmas? Do you mark the days with an Advent Calendar? I remember we did that as kids, but these days I don't typically have a tradition related to this. If there is one thing I am finding with this class it's that I would like to start some traditions of my own... so I am taking notes on this and will look back at them and incorporate them next year...

There you have it! I hope your weekend was filled with fun and joy!


  1. Your pages are so cheerful and jolly - it really shows us how much you enjoy the run up to Christmas Ginger :)

  2. Pretty pages & sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. Wonderfully colourful - they really reflect your zingy mood!

  4. Mmm, cookies..... Love your JYC pages, they're such fun! :-)