Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 3 Colour (Green) & 21 Challenge

Hello Friends :)

I have to tell you I won't be posting as often as I am suffering some issues with my back and neck... so I am limiting my time on the computer :(...

I have however, been able to get a layout done that encompasses Colour Class which is Green and the 21 Challenge (now at Day 12). As per Nic Howards class she indicates that Green is the colour of healing, it relaxes, soothes and makes us feel calm... I think I will be surrounding myself with green!

As for the 21 Challenge, I am still going strong and feel pretty good... I have lots of things to focus my time and energy on and the cravings have subsided... I did look at those darn chocolate chips again in the cupboard... I even pulled one out... but I did not EAT it! I could not help but think if I had eaten one I would not stop there so it was easier to just put it all away and close the door! Rhonna's encouragement for today is to "imagine the end result"... so that is where I am sending my thoughts...

Enjoy your Tuesday night! Marvin is gone to Virginia again this week... so that means I can watch "The Good Wife" in real time!



  1. Such a great subject for a green "healing" page :) I hope your back and neck improve very soon too

  2. Lovely page! I so like the slightly tattered look, and the greens and yellows are a very fresh combination. Hope your neck and back are improving ...

  3. Wonderful page, I like the way the flowers are down the side and the paper is folded back in two places. I'll have to go investigate the 21 challenge - hadn't heard about that.