Monday, November 8, 2010

True Stories Prompt 11

So today's prompt was about journaling in a different format. For example writing an event as though you were the sportscaster, or writing as though you were reading a classified advertisement... So what I have chosen is to write in the format of a policy. I work with policies on a daily basis and thought this might be fun. We sometimes have issues with laundry in our home... this is meant in good humour!

Interdisciplinary Policy & Procedure Manual on Home Management

Definition of "Interdisciplinary": Husband, or Wife

 Policy: 1.0.0  Laundry
Procedure:  1a.0.0

1. The occupants of the home will do the laundry which includes sorting, putting in the washing machine, taking out of the washing machine and placing in the dryer or hanging to dry if required.

2. Upon finding the clothing dry, it is BOTH occupants responsibility to fold the laundry. The wife will direct when uncertain.

3. The wife will direct which clothes will NOT go into the dryer. If uncertain consult the wife.

4. Laundry will be placed in the proper organizational structure i.e. closet/dresser. (Not left on top of dressers).

5. If the husband does place the incorrect laundry in the dryer it does not mean he will no longer be required to do laundry, but may have to write a test created by the wife.

In the event of incapacitation where bedrest is required, or at the discretion of the wife.

Have a great night everyone!


  1. Brilliant! This has really made me smile this morning!

  2. Very clever! It wiuld certainly make a great layout.

  3. lol, Fun take on the prompt! Great job!

  4. This brought a smile to my face. Would definitely make a great layout, on the off chance that there is laundry laying around to be photographed!