Sunday, November 7, 2010

21 Challenge - Day 3

Hello again! I am happy to see some of you joining me on this journey! Let's support each other. So this afternoon I took the time to decorate my 21 Challenge Journal, I thought I would try to get ahead of the game that way for the next three days all I need to focus on is the journaling aspect! I will continue to share pictures with you of my art journal. Here is what I designed for Day 3 (today)...

My catch phrase for today is "enjoy the process"... that is what I have been telling myself all day... things have been going very well... I did however look at the chocolate chips in the cupboard whilst cooking lunch... but I am happy to report thus far I have not actually touched them... or eaten them... Yeah me!
 Here is another photo of the journaling area under the little flaps...
I recycled some Prima packaging. I thought it would work well as it is already lined for writing.
Tomorrow I will share Day 4... Remember... Enjoy the Process!... Have a lovely evening!

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  1. Today is Day 1 for me, I am lagging behind a little. I'm scribbling in a a notebook a la True Stories! Your album page is stunning x