Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Color Blue & JYC

Here is a quick post! I thought I posted my blue layout for my Colour or is it Color class... but I hadn't so voila! (Sorry for the bad photo color).

I don't think I'll be able to get to a purple layout (this weeks colour) ... will see.

Here is my journal cover for my Journal Your Christmas class which starts tomorrow! You still have time if you'd like to give it a go... I have decided to keep this very simple... my journal will be 5x7 as this will be manageable... I just need to purchase some rings...
and the back side of the cover...

I have purchased the Cosmo Cricket Jolly By Golly kit  and it is fun!! Below is the elements kit as well... I have printed off the papers and journaling cards so I feel I'm ready!

There you have it! Hope you are having a fabulous evening...
Until next time!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Journal Your Christmas!

I just signed up! I loved Shimelle's True Stories class and thought I would take the plunge into JYC!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sketches to Scrapbook Release

You might remember this post... Well the app is now available for iPods, iPhone and iPads! You can purchase the app here.
Anam is giving a free app away to one lucky winner...if you join the facebook page... see more at the Sketches to Scrapbook website.

Welcome Rider Nation!

Alright you Rider fans... welcome to Edmonton and the 98th Grey Cup! Good Luck tomorrow and show the Alouettes who's boss... oh yeah and make sure that 13th man stays at home!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Treasured Memories Crop

Yesterday I was able to spend the day at Treasured Memories where Chantel & KC held a weekend crop... Here are a few photos... The first two are of Chantel's adorable daughter Scarlett (Kirsten is in the photo too)... check out those funky legwarmers!
 We are so fortunate to have Tattered Angels design team member, Trisha Laduoucer living in Edmonton... she has some of the most amazing classes at Treasured Memories... she is also on the My Minds Eye & Graphic 45 design teams... and every now and then when TM has a weekend crop... Trisha will pop in and do a demonstration... yesterday we were able to practice our glimmer misting, glimmer glaze and glimmer glam skills with the beautiful new Christmas colors... Here is a close up of what we made...
I was able to get a few things accomplished yesterday... one is a gift for a friend that I will share at a later date. The other is a project from Claudine Hellmuth's class she had at BPC this summer. This is a photo of my Grandpa that I did some color tinting with Claudine's paints and the extra time... I made it into a bit of a collage using the gloss gel medium all of this is on the sticky back canvas which as you can see I transferred a patterned paper to. This is then placed in/on a hoop which will allow for easy hanging.
Other supplies: 7 Gypsy papers, Tim Holtz paperclip, key and typewriter keys from the Cabinet of Curiosities at TM.

Grandpa loved birds... One of the things I remember the most about him are the bird houses, bird feeders and bird bath... he would watch the birds from his kitchen window with a big smile on his face...

Hope you are all keeping warm on this cold Alberta day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 3 Colour (Green) & 21 Challenge

Hello Friends :)

I have to tell you I won't be posting as often as I am suffering some issues with my back and neck... so I am limiting my time on the computer :(...

I have however, been able to get a layout done that encompasses Colour Class which is Green and the 21 Challenge (now at Day 12). As per Nic Howards class she indicates that Green is the colour of healing, it relaxes, soothes and makes us feel calm... I think I will be surrounding myself with green!

As for the 21 Challenge, I am still going strong and feel pretty good... I have lots of things to focus my time and energy on and the cravings have subsided... I did look at those darn chocolate chips again in the cupboard... I even pulled one out... but I did not EAT it! I could not help but think if I had eaten one I would not stop there so it was easier to just put it all away and close the door! Rhonna's encouragement for today is to "imagine the end result"... so that is where I am sending my thoughts...

Enjoy your Tuesday night! Marvin is gone to Virginia again this week... so that means I can watch "The Good Wife" in real time!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

21 Challenge - Day 5

Temptation got the better of me last evening and I ate a small bag of my favourite cheezies and two fingers of  a Kit Kat bar... so rather than give up on all that I have accomplished I am "seizing every opportunity" as Rhonna puts it and because of it I am a better person. Today I was so busy at work I had no time to think about sweets and treats! I should mention that I have returned to my 0530 am workouts at the gym... upon my return from Vegas I had gone a couple times, but was still trying to recover from the bad cold I had post-vacation. Getting up at 0500 is not that hard anymore, as I am awake anyways and it all seems to work out. It does help though knowing my sister is waiting there for me... Alright, so here is my Day 5 art journal page...

Remember to Love Yourself!
Have a great evening everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

True Stories Prompt 11

So today's prompt was about journaling in a different format. For example writing an event as though you were the sportscaster, or writing as though you were reading a classified advertisement... So what I have chosen is to write in the format of a policy. I work with policies on a daily basis and thought this might be fun. We sometimes have issues with laundry in our home... this is meant in good humour!

Interdisciplinary Policy & Procedure Manual on Home Management

Definition of "Interdisciplinary": Husband, or Wife

 Policy: 1.0.0  Laundry
Procedure:  1a.0.0

1. The occupants of the home will do the laundry which includes sorting, putting in the washing machine, taking out of the washing machine and placing in the dryer or hanging to dry if required.

2. Upon finding the clothing dry, it is BOTH occupants responsibility to fold the laundry. The wife will direct when uncertain.

3. The wife will direct which clothes will NOT go into the dryer. If uncertain consult the wife.

4. Laundry will be placed in the proper organizational structure i.e. closet/dresser. (Not left on top of dressers).

5. If the husband does place the incorrect laundry in the dryer it does not mean he will no longer be required to do laundry, but may have to write a test created by the wife.

In the event of incapacitation where bedrest is required, or at the discretion of the wife.

Have a great night everyone!

21 Challenge - Day 4

So today is # 4... I have to say... what I would not do right now for a sweet treat!! There were chocolate covered cookies at work today that a client gave to the staff, but I did not stop, I browsed as I walked by...Yikes!! I just got home from work and this is always the bad time of day! But... I am going to be my BEST self! See Rhonna's blog for more encouragement you 21'ers!! We can do it and we can do it together!
Here is a photo of my Day 4 Art Journal...

I chose the word POWER for day 4... I love the wise old owl... he is watching over me!
Hope to hear from you and how your challenge is going!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

21 Challenge - Day 3

Hello again! I am happy to see some of you joining me on this journey! Let's support each other. So this afternoon I took the time to decorate my 21 Challenge Journal, I thought I would try to get ahead of the game that way for the next three days all I need to focus on is the journaling aspect! I will continue to share pictures with you of my art journal. Here is what I designed for Day 3 (today)...

My catch phrase for today is "enjoy the process"... that is what I have been telling myself all day... things have been going very well... I did however look at the chocolate chips in the cupboard whilst cooking lunch... but I am happy to report thus far I have not actually touched them... or eaten them... Yeah me!
 Here is another photo of the journaling area under the little flaps...
I recycled some Prima packaging. I thought it would work well as it is already lined for writing.
Tomorrow I will share Day 4... Remember... Enjoy the Process!... Have a lovely evening!

21 Challenge & Orange!

If you would like to change something about yourself but are not sure, you might want to check our Rhonna's 21 Challenge. It takes 21 days or 3 weeks to make or change a habit and Rhonna creates and environment to encourage you by creating an art journal. If you art not into art and would prefer to journal, that is completely up to you, but the idea is to pick one goal and make it happen. My goal is to stay away from sugar... pretty difficult when sugar is in most things we eat. I have decided to not eat things with added sugar, so no chocolate bars, no cakes, no cookies. No cereals with added sugar and no juices. I figure if I can give up wheat (I started eating rice pasta and it is tasty) then it's time to give up sugar... I'm already feeling strong because of it!

Here are a few photos from my journal...

Would you like to take the challenge? You can start now... it doesn't matter that we are on Day 3, you can begin today or tomorrow but just be sure you start at Day 1... come join us!

As for Colour class... we are now onto Orange and Yellow... I love orange... it is a happy colour, it is warm and friendly! Here is my orange layout...
Sketch from Nic Howard. Papers from Scarlet Lime kit, alphabet Maya Road chipboard, flowers Prima, key hole Dear Lizzy, black lace transparency from Collections, transparency frame from Hambly, bead - unknown.

This is a layout about my sister Arlene and how she loves beading and jewelry making.

Today I will see if I can get a yellow layout completed, and sadly I have fallen off the True Stories wagon... but that's okay... my goal is to get at least one True Stories layout/journaling completed this week... and as Shimelle says, there are no deadlines and this is a class where you can take the prompts and apply them anytime!

Have a fabulous Sunday and hopefully you enjoyed your extra hour for those of us who "fell" back!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

True Stories Prompt #7

Yesterday's prompt was memories and flashbacks and journaling about what you were feeling. I chose to make a layout about my parents' recently selling their house and how that has impacted me, how our lives are changing, and how we can embrace these changes as they are inevitable. I did this quickly this morning, so the journaling may not fit the prompt exactly!

I have also made this work with my Colours class as we are still focusing on the colour Red! The layout is scraplifted from Nic's inspiration e-mail this morning.

Digital supplies: Jessica Sprague & Anna Aspnes.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!