Thursday, October 28, 2010

True Stories Prompt #4

Today's prompt for Shimelle's True Stories class, was to write a letter to someone, I did not hesitate to write this while I was getting ready for work this morning... it's not a pretty letter. It was prompted after dealing with my phone company last evening and after getting nowhere with them I was completely frustrated... it felt good to get it off my chest... and I know some of you out there have had similar difficulties with this company.

Digital Layout Supplies: C. Zielske template, Papers from Port Au Prince kit at Songbird Avenue.

The journaling reads:

"Dear Telus,
Why do you have sub-par customer service? Do you actually care? You don’t. I know you don’t because if you did, I would have received a phone call from a living, breathing, speaking human being. NOT an automated telephone call saying “this is a call from Telus... we are sorry for your inconvenience, blah, blah, blah.... if you wish to discuss this further please call us at...”  Really?? You think I want to call you again?? You are calling me 2 1/2 weeks after my concern, and now after tonight again, dealing with your inefficiencies and ineptitude only has me thinking one thing.... “The Future Is” NOT “Bright” with you... and the only phone call I will be making is to SHAW.

A not so happy customer!"

 A bit out of the box for me as my layouts have more a positive theme, this is a bit negative, however, it is a "True Story"!

I have an idea for Prompt #2 which is about letters and numbers, but I need to get a photo printed so I will work on that one this weekend and look forward to sharing with you.
Have a great evening!


  1. Hahaha I love this! I've got a few places that I would like to write letters to along these same lines!!! I'm sure it feels fantastic to get it all out, it's always a nice release! I love that you included a picture of the phone on the layout too! Thank you for the comment on my blog, it's always great to find other people who feel that way about marriage since all our friends seem to think we have to just because we're together and have kids. I'd like to write a letter like this about that subject actually!

  2. Haha! awesome! I love your blog :)

  3. Ginger, I love this layout, getting the frustration out, yet in a humorous way talking to the company! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog - Karo syrup is the brand name for light corn syrup in the pecan pie recipe. Looks like you are also in Nic's Color class - I'm just going to read week one's handouts now.

  4. Love the layout and colours, and you articulate your frustration so well! Great to find you.

  5. This is just brilliant and a letter that I'm sure we can all write about one company or another! Fantastic LO to go with it too xx

  6. It's a fab layout and a great letter - I'm all for documenting the negatives along with the positives :-)

  7. What a cool letter - scrapbooking as a way to vent, I like that! Thank you for your great comment on my blog, much appreciated.

  8. Looks like I'm in two classes with you right now; I'll be following along. It looks like you're off to a fine start.

  9. lol .. oh my goodness, I hear you! I also am royally annoyed by Telus' service! Switched to Bell Mobility a few months ago. :)