Thursday, October 21, 2010

Serious Addiction

Alright... I might have a problem... I'm addicted to taking classes... Yup! That's right... okay... I know some of you are rolling your eyes saying "Geez Ginger, you just realized that?" Well, kind of... Previously, my addiction was strictly to scrapbooking... but now I think it's changed to scrapbooking and various classes related to scrapbooking, crafting and story telling... and let's not forget learning more about digi goodness! I truly cannot help myself, but then I know all of you have no problem relating right? No? Well then maybe some of you can relate... Okay all you smartie smarts... then you won't be surprised when I tell you I'm taking another class at BPC... Hey, that's not bad... in September my list was 7 classes, but I cut that down to 3... I signed up for Nic Howards "Colour! or is it Color?" class...   You're probably wondering why? Well once you see the gorgeous colors she has you using in the pre-class assignment you may think... Maybe I should take that class!

Here is a look at my tags I finished last night! My favourite is the green one!

Aren't they fun? I'm not sure what Nic has in store for us, but I knew I had to take this class when I saw how pretty her tags were. You still have time to sign up.

This weekend I am going to work on the Halloween wreath from Kara's class at Treasured Memories... I can't wait to play with my kit... I will post photos of that this weekend. I'm also taking a Vintage Christmas Card class in November with Trisha Ladouceur and I see Nadine has some Christmas Card classes as well they just posted at TM.... hmmmm anyone want to take a Christmas Card class with me?

Just started watching the new season of Dexter... I can't believe how sick he is, but whenever he is close to being caught doing his psycho stuff, I'm rooting for him... what does that make me?

I still have to watch the final episode of Mad Men... you see, I don't usually get to watch shows the day of... mostly because Marvin tapes everything! So.... I have to wait... he is methodical, what can I say (there is no watching shows out of order and he hates commercials).

That's it for tonight!

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  1. Your tags are gorgeous! I'm taking this class too -tho my tags aren't finished yet - and Shimelle's journaling class, which is how I found you. I expect we'll be bumping into each other quite a bit over the next few weeks :)