Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello Saturday!

We got back late last night from Vegas... I managed to crawl into bed at 2:30 this morning... I was suppose to go to a class this morning at TM but with the late night and a bad cough... I knew it wasn't manageable... I also have to get ready for Aunt Linda & Uncle Cal's 50th Anniversary this afternoon...

Here are a few photos from the trip... Vegas baby... there is nothing like it... in fact it is one of those places you can go to and not even think... there is so much environmental stimulation surrounding you that you can just sit and relax, take it all in... you don't even have to go very far... you could stay at your hotel and unwind at the pool or have a spa treatment, or you could try to hit as many hotels as you want and see what they have to offer... There is lots of shopping and tonnes of shows to see... We stayed at the Aria... it is fantastic... it has beautiful architectural design with lots of lines and amazing curves... if I was going to go back to Vegas tomorrow... I would definitely stay at the Aria... very modern and hip.

When we arrived we settled in and had dinner at Todd English's Pub. We shared oysters, chicken wings, an AMAZING iceberg lettuce wedge salad that had avocado, egg, and warm bacon vinaigrette dressing... I had a pastrami sandwich that was tasty.
I love the strip at night....
Beautiful and whimsical cakes at the "Patisserie" (at the Aria).
I will share more photos later... I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

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