Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grand Canyon Tour

I promised more photos of our trip to Vegas... Well as you know, I made a promise to myself that I would make seeing the Grand Canyon a priority for this trip... and so we booked a vehicle and drove there... it was breathtaking!
There is something I've always known about myself, but somehow it was more evident on this trip. I am afraid of falling off the side of a mountain... yes that is true... every time we drive through our Rocky Mountains this wave of anxiety comes over me... when driving to the Grand Canyon, as we were approaching the Hoover Dam, I had this extreme sense of anxiety as I could see over the edge... well you can just about imagine what I felt when I stood on this....

It took me at least 5 minutes to take that first step out there... the walkway has glass down the middle so you see the bottom of the canyon... hence the name "Skywalk"... The hardest part was that first step because I did not want to step on the glass... around both edges it's steel, so you do not see the canyon... therefore; I stayed walking on the edge and did not look down... They do not allow you to take any cameras out on the walk, so they have photographers that will get you to lie on the walkway while they take your photo! Once I managed to get out there I told the photographer I wanted some photos of Marv and I, but "Nothing Crazy". We bought one of us giving the "thumbs up" but I don't have a big smile! LOL! I found it easier to look down over the edge of the walkway then looking through that glass, it really freaked me out!
 We only managed to see the West Rim mostly because there was lots of road construction on the way and this added an extra hour to our travels. I would suggest if you are in Vegas and want to see the Grand Canyon, leave really early in the morning (try to book a vehicle from the hotel - we booked late so we had to wait for the car rental place to open at 0830), or you could definitely take a tour and that will get you to the South Rim. The South Rim has even more beautiful views... perhaps next time!
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. oh my gosh, its looks so pretty there! and your blog is so gorgeous by the way, love the orange and your header!