Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Weekend!

Tomorrow my sisters and I will be driving to Saskatchewan to visit with family... Arlene is suppose to be picking up some cucumbers tomorrow so we can make pickles! It's a little late in the season, but we are hoping to make a big batch!

Last night Marvin took me to see John Hiatt and Los Lobos at the Winspear... Ewww weee baby, it was great. I was embarrassed though... John Hiatt played first for 1 1/2 hours... and obviously the majority of the crowd was only there to see him.... because these people walked out while Los Lobos was playing... yes... Every time they would finish a song, another 25 people would get up and walk out... incredible, there was probably half the crowd left... Anyway, I loved them both and when LL finished each song I screamed and cheered them on. I loved the new stuff they played off their "Tin Can Trust" album... Marvin bought a copy as we left the venue so we could continue to listen on the drive home...

That's all I got for you tonight!
Hope you all have a great Labour Day Weekend!


  1. I'm sorry I walked out - they were really good but the sound was bad and I had soooo much to do for school (I even brought it in the car) and I didn't realize they were even playing.... I'm sorry!!!!1

  2. Kirsten!! Of course I wasn't talking about YOU!! This is Ginger... I'm on my mom's laptop.