Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collage 101

I started a new class at Renee Pearson  and this one is on digital collage... I am fascinated by the artist Maggie Taylor... I think what I love about her work is the richness of the colors and just the whole whimsical or surreal look of her art...

Other inspiring artists...

These are from an artist named Anahata Katkin and these photos are of her art journals.

These photos are from another artist I found interesting... her name is Alicia Buelow...

Beautiful work by all three artists... I hope you find some time for creativity!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yeah! I will be at my favourite place tomorrow night scrapbooking with my girls!
Have a good night.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Black Eyes

Here we are again, the weekend almost over! It has been a beautiful one... Here is a digi layout for you... my hand (wrist and forearm) are extremely sore, part of it is because I have been doing so much digital work lately, I think I'm going to have to stop for awhile and go back to traditional scrapbooking, which will be good...
I have been wanting to practice my digital skills... My favourite brush on this layout is the coffee stains on the ledger paper... cool eh?

For those of you who have been wondering about the pickles.... They turned out to be awesome! Thanks mom! Well worth the trip home!

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


That's, "Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday!!" This has been a crazy week... Why does it seem whenever Marvin goes away, things happen??! He left Sunday before I could think of opening an eye... so I spent a nice peaceful day... doing very little... and then at about 6 pm, I went upstairs to turn the light on the front porch and I stepped in a big puddle!! Yes... so at first I gave Eddie a hard time and then... I heard it... drip... drip... Yes. A leak in my roof! Water dripping from my light fixture. Oh yes... not fun.

So I am looking forward to the weekend... I adore the weekend... but I have lots of cleaning up to do before Marv get's home tomorrow night... in the meantime I thought I would share another layout with you...

Looks a little dark, but it has been so cloudy here... This layout was inspired by Nic Howard's Dimensional Details class I had taken a while ago. Some of the ladies I took that class with still chat on the message boards at Big Picture... so someone put up a challenge to do a layout of something we did not get to do while taking the class. I decided to do this layout with stitching... I had not used my new sewing machine yet, so this is what I came up with!

Hope you all have a Happy Friday!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Layout...

I had time to make another layout tonight... this one was fun! Enjoy!

I like using brushes... they are so versatile; you can make them any size or color... they are limitless...
The ones used on this layout are from Gypsy Chic - they were sold at ScrapArtist, but they closed their digi shop last week... you can follow the Gypsy Chick blog if you like. The journaling note and frame is from Jessica Sprague.
Good Night!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Color Orange...

I was inspired by this blog post today... and thought I would make a layout that listed what life would be like without the color orange...

Digital layout: Papers & elements (Songbird Avenue - Port Au Prince kit), paper strip (Jessica Sprague), brushes (Gypsy Chic), fonts (Desyrel, Bohemian Typewriter).
I hope you have all had a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Alright, so I have been a bit neglectful with my blogging lately, but I have a really good reason... I'm very tired because I've managed to get my butt out of bed and to the gym at 0530 for the last three weeks during the work week! (At this time I refuse to go on the weekend!!). So... oh.. just looking at the time... and yup you guessed it, I have about 20 minutes before I have to hit the sack! I've decided no more excuses and it's easier because I have a workout buddy, my sister Carmen is meeting me there... It's also been good because I get a better start on my work day and tend not to stay at work so late. So there you have it. I have no creative juices left by the time I'm ready to sit down for the evening, but this needs to be a priority...
photo from we heart it

Thought I would share this photo with you as it's kind of fitting to how I feel in the morning... all bright eyed and bushy tailed!
I hope to have some creative energy this weekend!
Take care everyone.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Sunday...

Well here we are, Sunday afternoon already! I was busy this morning prepping dinner so I can relax now... We are having Cobb salad and cheesecake that I just pulled out of the oven... mmmm. As for the Cobb salad, I poached the chicken breasts in a chicken broth mixed with wine and fresh tarragon... it smells so good... I'll let you know how it tastes...!

I thought I would share some photos of our trip to Saskatchewan last weekend. My mom said they got another 4 inches of rain and the lakes are swooshing up to the road again... We are fortunate we did not have to travel this weekend... unfortunate for them though...

We took a drive by our farm, things sure look different. I did not want to take a photo of the yard because I prefer to remember it like it was growing up. This photo above is of some of the land my dad farmed... It's funny, because everyone says Saskatchewan is so flat... I never thought that... ever... mostly because where we grew up the land was quite hilly... in fact my brother jackknifed the tractor and combine twice while descending one of the hills... fortunately it didn't tip over... and we had lots of fun snowmobiling at top speed over the hills so we would fly in the air...
Here is an elk farm. Just a few seconds prior to stopping and taking these photos, all of the elk were swimming across the water... it was quite a sight!
Here are some photos of the pickle making...
Mom was in charge of cleaning the cucumbers, while Carmen stuffed the jars... Arlene and I were responsible for peeling the garlic...
We each got 10 jars of pickles... I can't wait to try them in a couple weeks.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We have booked our flights to Vegas and here is where we will be staying!
Can't wait!

Poster Art

Have you ever been inspired by a poster? This is something I have discovered with my Inspiration Defined class with Elizabeth Dillow. Wow... I am certainly seeing things differently... Check out some of these designs... You can find more here

Here is one more that I absolutely love... (the one on the left) I was inspired by the colors and the typography.
This poster I found on the Poppytalk Flickr stream.

Here is my layout based on the design of the above poster...

Digital Layout: Brushes (House of 3, Mouritsa. DA, Gypsy Chick), Paper (Designer Digitals - Help for Haiti Kit). Font (Media Gothic & AFL Font Nonmetric)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sherwin Williams

I had to share this with you! How creative is this?

Claudine Hellmuth shared this with us in our @ Home with Claudine class! These are paint chips used to create this... you can watch a cool video and see more images here at the Sherwin Williams website.

Hope you all had a great long weekend!

I am crazy busy, but I will share some photos of my weekend sometime this week...

Enjoy your evening!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Weekend!

Tomorrow my sisters and I will be driving to Saskatchewan to visit with family... Arlene is suppose to be picking up some cucumbers tomorrow so we can make pickles! It's a little late in the season, but we are hoping to make a big batch!

Last night Marvin took me to see John Hiatt and Los Lobos at the Winspear... Ewww weee baby, it was great. I was embarrassed though... John Hiatt played first for 1 1/2 hours... and obviously the majority of the crowd was only there to see him.... because these people walked out while Los Lobos was playing... yes... Every time they would finish a song, another 25 people would get up and walk out... incredible, there was probably half the crowd left... Anyway, I loved them both and when LL finished each song I screamed and cheered them on. I loved the new stuff they played off their "Tin Can Trust" album... Marvin bought a copy as we left the venue so we could continue to listen on the drive home...

That's all I got for you tonight!
Hope you all have a great Labour Day Weekend!