Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Highlights (Aug.14 &15)

Saturday night we went to our good friends John and Tammy's home. The evening was nothing short of fantastic... and I have to say the food was outstanding... right from the single servings of shrimp cocktail (garnished with chives, parsley and cabbage) to the soy marinated chicken breasts and everything in between. We started the evening with some boccincini, basil & tomato skewers, smoked salmon with capers and cream cheese, and a tray of beautiful meats & cheeses (including a VERY aged Gouda - my fav)... All of this, along with some fresh sangria made for a fabulous start to the night.
I could tell they put a lot of time into planning the meal... They BBQ' d Beef tenderloin and  this amazing Peruvian marinated chicken, a beautiful French salad with romaine lettuce, dill, parsley and chives with a balsamic vinaigrette. I could go on... but I think I have painted the picture... once again... I was focused on the good company and did manage to forget to take photos of the dinner table...

Sunday we spent recuperating from the wine and overindulgence's... We watched a couple movies... one of Marv's favourites (total guy flick)... I had never watched it and was told "It's a classic... you have to watch it!"
Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke were eye candy back in the day... they are total bad asses in this flick and I'm sure that's why women watch this movie! Okay... moving on....

Then we got to watch.....
My expectations were not high for this one... Don't get me wrong... I LOVE this series... and like many women I do own the DVD's.... but I thought the last movie was it... Carrie and Big got married and to me that was the finishing point... I did enjoy parts of this movie... but thought Samantha's sex-capades were getting a bit old and boring... and the whole karaoke thing was just a bit much... honestly... they should not make another one... finito!

There you have it!

Have a wonderful evening!

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