Monday, August 2, 2010


Alright, I thought I would share with you my new favourite martini, it's called a Kamikazi Cosmopolitan... I served these up on the weekend... and they were a hit! Of course I changed it up a bit as I did not have the exact ingredients!

Here is what you will need....

The recipe is as follows (this is a big batch, so you can definitely halve it) :
4 parts Vodka
2 parts Triple Sec
2 parts Lime juice
2 parts Cranberry Juice (I used White Cranberry)
3 parts Peach Schnapps (I used Apricot Liqueur)
Mix ingredients into a martini shaker with ice, strain and pour into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with a twist of lime.
Voila! A refreshing drink for your guests.

Another thought I had is you could use apricot nectar instead of the lime juice if you like...

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