Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inspiration Defined

There is a new class over at BPS called Inspiration Defined I decided to take as it is just a shorty (only 4 weeks) and I thought it sounded interesting... One of the challenges Elizabeth Dillow has asked us to do... take 15 minutes to list what inspires you to do the things you love... for me it's "what inspires me to create...?" Here is my list:
  • photos
  • a clean house (I can't create when the laundry is piled up! It's all I will think about!)
  • other people's blogs, galleries or work
  • my LSS - Treasured Memories, a walk through there will get the juices flowing
  • great friends (crop night! yeah!!)
  • classes
  • weather (the colder and more rain/snow the better!!)
  • magazines
  • on-line challenges (Twisted Sketches)
  • color
  • quotes
  • music
This is a list I'm sure I will continue to add to... so now that I have given you my list why not start one of your own... Once you know what inspires you then you can surround yourself with those things... to be where you want.
Here is a mosaic of my inspirations!
Digital Template - Cathy Zielske

Happy Creating!


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