Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Loathe...

The Big Picture Festival is on and yesterday's challenge was to finish the statement "I Loathe..." mine was "cruelty to animals...". Today, Amy Sorenson is the featured teacher and so I used her layout idea to make this layout of what I felt and what I think after reading an article about people here in this city... you might feel as I do after reading the article... see Animal Attraction. If you click on the photo of my layout, you will be able to read my journaling.

Anyway, I want to mention (and you may remember) that I took a class by Amy at BPS. It was called "Textuality"... it definitely was one of the best classes I have taken... She covered so much information about text; how to journal with Word (creating wrapped text, text grid blocks, creating interest with text), using quotes;  and using simile's, homonyms & idioms (stuff I haven't thought of since grade school!). So I looked up my class information to see how I could make this journalling fit around the title and voila! There it is.

I hope your day is a happy one!

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