Wednesday, August 4, 2010

@ Home with Claudine Week 3

I am so loving this class, Claudine is awesome and hugely creative. Here is my week 3 project! Yay! I finally got in some "@ Home" time.... This project includes various techniques that we have learned this week.

What you need:
This project uses an 8x8 canvas, Extra Time from Claudine Hellmuth's line of gels & paints, modern red paint, gesso, gel medium, different papers (I'll explain below) and a rub on or chipboard piece (I used my fav chipboard Riff Raff), embossing powder for chipboard and a ribbon if needed. As well a 2 inch circle punch.
You can find Claudine's products at Treasured Memories.

1.  The canvas is prepared by gluing a piece of scrap paper down with gel medium, set aside to dry.

2.  The first line of circles is a technique called "Extra Time Faux Paste". After prepping paper (I ripped out a page of paper from an old novel) with gel medium, take "extra time " & mix with paint, roll on with a brayer and create a texture. I used one of my "10 Second Studio" textured roll thingies (not sure what they are really called), and rolled it onto the paper.

3.  The second line of circles is paper printed from this weeks downloads (any script scrap paper can be used for this). I used "extra time" again, mixed with Claudine's yellow pastel paint and then brushed it onto the script.

4.  The third line of circles is reverse stamping. You mix extra time with your paint, roll it on with a brayer and then stamp an image (wet the stamp first with a water mister)... I found this one the trickiest, you have to move quickly, not have too thick or too thin of a coat of the extra time mixture. After you stamp the image wipe it with paper towel and repeat. It helps if you stamp the image and slightly twist the stamp in your hand when pulling it off the paper. I had to practice this one quite a bit.

5.  The fourth line is a repeat of #3.

6.  So once you have all the circles punched out, then paint a bit of gesso onto where you will place the chipboard piece (or rubon). I used a Riff Raff chandelier and embossed it with black embossing powder, then I tied a piece of black ribbon to the chandelier and glued it to the canvas.

7.  The final step is to paint the edges or sides of your canvas (you cannot see mine but they are turquoise).

So there you have a cute little project that you can hang up anywhere, and you can alter the colors to fit your taste... So much fun!
Have a great day!

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  1. maybe one of these days I will finally figure out what I'm supposed to be doing and do something in her class! don't you find all those emails and PDFs and videos and tips and whatever very intimidating?