Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blueberry Jam Mam!

The last few days have been busy.... our computer has been acting up and between calling Telus and Dell... I have had little time to blog... however I will share what I have been up to...

The other day I decided to make some Blueberry Jam... Now, I have never canned before in my life... I know... I can hear you all saying "Ginger... you're almost 40 years old and you grew up on a farm where that was the norm... what happened to you??" LOL! Well, let me tell you... I did not get the green thumb... in fact I don't particularly care for the whole gardening or picking veggies or fruit... I think our raspberry patch at home was at least a 1/2 mile long... and it took us (5 kids) a whole day to pick it... Alright, perhaps I'm exaggerating a tad... (wink!)... but I know my sister Carmen would agree with me about the raspberries.... Anyway, this week I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to can some jam... at first I thought the recipe was just going to be cooking the berries and putting them in the jar, but once I sat down to read it... I realized... Wow! This is the full meal deal! Here are some pictures to prove I did it!
I was proud of myself! Let me tell you, if you are like me and you've never done this before, I challenge you to try it... This was so much fun and satisfying... I will be trying it again... I know Marvin would like us to make some salsa... so stay tuned!

Also, these small jars will make great gifts... I will show you in my next post how you can jazz up the jars and give them to friends and family....
Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Hi Ginger. Just ran across your blog. Very nice! I'm impressed with the jam. I tried it a long time ago and it's a lot of work! I'll check back to see what you've made next!