Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation BEGINS!

So as you can see I am currently on vacation! Yes that is right! I do not have any big plans to go away, I prefer to stay home this year and relax... in fact the next three weeks already look to be busy! I was up early this morning and out the door by 0815 to get groceries for the BBQ we are having tomorrow. It will be the usual suspects... my sisters and brother-in-laws and Torrie & Tyler. I'm hoping Aunt Linda and Uncle Cal will be able to make it as well as I have already made one type of ice cream especially for U. Cal (he is an ice cream fanatic). When I was younger ... oh about 18yrs old, I happened to live with them and U. Cal would grab the ice cream out of the freezer ever night (I kid you not) and eat a bowl. So tomorrow's dessert is for him. I'm also planning on making a frozen strawberry yogurt!
At the grocery store I saw this book....

Ohhh I cannot wait to read this one... okay... so I'm a bit of a Jamie and Claire addict.... so I stopped at Chapters on the way home to make sure I had my copy.... perhaps this will be my summer read... but I still have to finish the current book I'm reading, "the Poisonwood Bible".... (also liking this one).

Alright, my time is up, I promised myself a short time on the computer before getting into the housework! Ta Ta for now!

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  1. I LOVE this series! I am trying to find time to start her 4th book in this series.