Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm stunned to say the least... I cannot believe what happened today on Stage 15 of the Tour... Andy had a mechanical problem with his bike - the chain came off!! Schleck made a huge move on the climb and looked as though he was going to get ahead of Contador, but then the issue with the bike happened and that gave Contador the ammunition to move on without Schleck... incredible... the thing is... now we will never know what could have been today. So.... the damage.... going into this stage, Schleck had a 31 second lead on Contador... now he lost the yellow jersey and is 8 seconds behind.... Here is what I have to say.... IT AIN'T OVER YET people!  We still have two more days in the Pyranees.... mountains baby... that's what Schleck does best... climbing mountains.
Here are a few photos for your enjoyment!

You can see more photos here

Have a great night!

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