Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spatchcocked Chicken!

So here it is Sunday night and I thought I would share with you what we were up to today. We made "Spatchcocked Chicken" for dinner...mmm it was tastey... here are some shots....
While Marvin was preparing the chicken I pulled out the ice cream maker and made banana ice cream. We were talking about how we have had the ice cream maker for about 4 years and have used it only about 5 times. It is so easy to use and if you are looking for one I highly recommend the Cuisinart. I have not tried making frozen yogurt, but that will be the next time.
You can see the ice cream churning away here.
Here is the chicken on the egg! Marvin cut the back off completely and this way the chicken is flattened and easier to grill.
I made and amazing red rice (used salsa and chicken broth then cooked it in the oven), and roasted the cauliflower & red peppers after tossing with olive oil and smoked praprika! It was so good.
And to finish it off, we had the ice cream for dessert (sorry, the photo is a bit out of focus).

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours!

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  1. Oh that looks so delicious! mmm this is making me hungry. I really have been wanting to make some homemade icecream, maybe this is a sign :)