Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good Time in the Country!

Last night we had a staff BBQ at a colleague's home and it was breathtaking! We took a 30 min drive into the country and were mesmerized by what we saw. I could not believe how beautiful and peaceful Diane's home was...I felt like I was taking a vacation...her yard is beautiful with lush green lawn, bushes and ferns... oh the ferns...I LOVE ferns and these ones were at least 4.5 feet tall. She is surrounded by forest, where after it finished raining we took a lovely walk on some awesome trails that she keeps well manicured. The huge storm we had last summer tore down 100 of her trees which she and Leon have managed to chop down half of  (some of these were 200 years old). While we were walking we came upon a clearing where I caught my breath and could not believe what I saw... her neighbor has a pasture where 4 gorgeous horses came galloping up to the fence...I wished I had my camera!! It was difficult to get my arm through the electric fence to pet them...oh, I wanted to stand there forever and watch them... I thought how lucky Diane is to have this treasure to come home to daily and to sit on her deck, have a glass of wine and be surrounded by the sound of the trees moving in the wind, and the hawks singing (I don't know what hawks do - is it sing, caw... what is the word for what they do??). I digress... She made a bonfire and for the first time I had a Smore which was fun to make and eat! She has the most adorable black and white cat named Whoopee, and a beautiful and attentive dog named Koda.... I told Marv I would love to live in a place like this and he agreed, but then reminded me how much work it was to just even cut the lawn and the long drive to work is not appealing... my solution... I could quit my job, stay home, cut the lawn then scrapbook all day!! Ha!  Well, I am very sorry I did not take my camera last night as I would love to have had some photos to scrap  and share with you on how enjoyable the evening was.

I do have one LO to share with you. This is of a Becky Fleck sketch from PageMaps. It is another LO for Dimensional Details Class. I included it with Camp Scrap because May challenged us to scrap one layout the other night and this is what I finished up with.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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