Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Change!

You know, I usually remember the time change, but this morning I got up at 0600 - really it was 0700!  So when I heard Marvin roll out of bed at what I thought was 0720, my first thought was - Geez he's up early!! He started getting the sauerkraut & pork hocks ready for the crock pot, and I said, isn't it kinda early for that, and then I was reminded of the Daylight Savings routine!  I'm not particularly fond of the springing forward, but I certainly love the falling back!!

So there you have it!  Now, on to the fun stuff... here is what I have so far... This weeks assignments for DYL is based on "Type".  Now, here is something interesting... Cathy Zielske always sends us a presentation that we watch every week, and you can imagine given the topic, how surprised I was to hear her say that you no longer need to have two spaces after a period! You know, seriously, how am I going to do that??  I type everyday, and this I know will be a hard habit to break.  So why is it that we only need one space you ask?  It has to do with the old typewriters and each letter had the same amount of space and to differentiate we used two spaces at the end of a period to show a new sentence. With computers and type each letter has it's own amount of space and we are actually able to control the amount of space between characters, so therefore, no two spaces needed! (Anyway - that's the just of it!).  As you can see from my typing thus far, I have not been able to break the habit yet....!

Here is the first layout!
 I really like the colors of the papers in this LO.

S. Marks Courtship Kit (2Peas), date tab - C. Wilkerson (Lots Of labels), Digital Template; C. Zielske.

Here is one of Marvin...
C. Wilkerson papers and embellishment. K. Pertiet, Tightie Whities, Digital Template; C. Zielske.

So there you have it... more digi goodness!  I'm off to work on my Hybrid class assignments now!

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