Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post 100!!! Woot!

I just realized this is my 100th post! Thanks to my faithful readers for sticking around!  ha Ha!

Remember I said I was going to have fun on my week off, well... here is a bit of fun... I went into the crawl space yesterday and found my box of old photos which I was able to scan at Arlene's last night (thanks Arlene, hope you're not too tired today)!

Check this out....

When I was 25, a friend of mine convinced me to come with her to the Lancome counter at The Bay and we both had our makeup done and professional photos taken... Wowzer... (yes those are false eyelashes!).

Here is a photo of my brother Curtis and I, I think I was just recovering from the flu, because I have the biggest darkest circles under my eyes... love my outfit, you gotta love the 70's!

This photo is from 1997 while I was in Guatemala finishing my senior nursing practicum.  The photo was a clinic we had set up in Champerico which is on the Pacific Coast.  It was beautiful, and hot...our clinics always had lots of children...

I hope to share more of these treasured photos in the coming weeks...


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