Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post 100!!! Woot!

I just realized this is my 100th post! Thanks to my faithful readers for sticking around!  ha Ha!

Remember I said I was going to have fun on my week off, well... here is a bit of fun... I went into the crawl space yesterday and found my box of old photos which I was able to scan at Arlene's last night (thanks Arlene, hope you're not too tired today)!

Check this out....

When I was 25, a friend of mine convinced me to come with her to the Lancome counter at The Bay and we both had our makeup done and professional photos taken... Wowzer... (yes those are false eyelashes!).

Here is a photo of my brother Curtis and I, I think I was just recovering from the flu, because I have the biggest darkest circles under my eyes... love my outfit, you gotta love the 70's!

This photo is from 1997 while I was in Guatemala finishing my senior nursing practicum.  The photo was a clinic we had set up in Champerico which is on the Pacific Coast.  It was beautiful, and hot...our clinics always had lots of children...

I hope to share more of these treasured photos in the coming weeks...


New Layout!

So our assignment for this weeks Hybrid class was to take the digital kit we got for free from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals, and play with it until we came up with something we liked and could use as our layout.  Here is a picture of the digital kit....
And here is my layout!

I played around in word first... you can see the circle part with the film strip... that is what I designed first, I did not even know what pictures I was going to use at that point... The pictures are from our trip last's funny, when we bought these photos I thought, whatever will I do with them?... Ha! So then I found some papers from the monthly kits I purchased from Treasured Memories (flowered one is Basic Grey, but the polka dot one, I cannot remember which line it is). The little chipboard girl & boy are Riff Raff, which I sprayed glimmer mist on.  The red graph tag I printed out as well from a free kit at Shutterfly by Michelle Coleman.  Other products used are; creative cafe pearls, prima flowers, Stampin' Up stamp & Thickers letters.

There you have it!

Hope you are all having a great day!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

DYL Final Layouts

I thought I had posted these, but I guess I had not... Our final assignment was to take our three favourite templates and make our layouts based on everything we have learned over the last 12 weeks.  All layout sketches/templates from Cathy Zielske.

This layout does have hybrid elements like the digital frames (House of Three) around the photos and the journaling card.  The assignment was to take a product you have been wanting to use and develop the color palette around it.  I have been wanting to use these My Minds Eye papers for sometime now and I used a triadic color scheme, except I now wish  I would have placed the green paper on the bigger mat behind the photos...oh well. I love these butterflies. I cut them out of these beautiful postcards I bought at Treasured Memories...the company is called Cavallini & Co.   I also used Thickers for the title.

I liked the idea of taking a page and journaling what happened in that month.  This is a great template for that.  All the products for this page are from House of Three (French Oo La La Kit).

This is a simple page...again, I used House of Three French Oo la la paper and decreased the opacity. I like this paper it reminds of my grandma's doilies.

So there you have it....
Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun Stuff!

Well this was a very busy week and I'm happy to say I have next week off!! Woot!  I feel like I have been dragging my butt for the last month just slogging thru the days... anyway, next week is going to be a time for me to rejuvenate my mind and body!  It's all good...

First off, I was doing some blog hopping this morning and I came across this little post of Lisa's... She is so flippin cute and I know I have told you how talented she is before, but seriously, this gal has talent... if you haven't met her (or even if you have) check out this post...It's a video post of her and you can see it here, if that doesn't peak your interest... she is doing a giveaway... if you leave a comment you have a chance to win...

Sooo, one whole week...hmmm, any suggestions from my readers as to what I should do on my week off? Well, I do know, I am going to do FUN stuff...I really would like to take some photos, so perhaps I will take a little road trip out in the country and check things out with my camera...  One thing is for sure, I will be going to Treasured Memories with the girls on Thursday night!

Speaking of fun....I signed up for another class!  I know... I know... I can't help myself, you see, the Design Your Life Class is over and done, and the Digital Hybrid class will be done after next week, and so I will feel a bit, you know...bored... so what can I say...I really like to learn new things and so I decided to sign up for the Dimensional Details at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  You see what excites me about this class is... I will learn how people get all those beautiful details on their pages in a perfect way... and how do you know when you have too much on your layout? So there you have it...listen, it's not too late... if you want to join me... the class starts April 1st.  Also, you don't need to worry about "oh I won't be able to keep up with this" because the best thing about BPS is you have Forever Access... that means that for as long as BPS is around, you will be able to access the there you have it...sign up for some FUN!

Here is my pre-class layout...
The layout design is from Nic Howard.  Love it!  I incorporated Hybrid by downloading some butterfly photos, which I put into PSE and then printed off a whole page of butterflies, then I cut them out.  The patterned paper & stickers are from Basic Grey, and the lasered chipboard piece is from Riff Raff.  The leaves I cut out of some leftover scraps I had.

Well, you will likely hear from me sooner than later! Ha!

Have a great Saturday everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A. Linda, this one's for you!

Aunt Linda I know you read my blog, so this one is for you!! This LO is of Aunt Linda's 70th birthday party she had last summer!  We had lots of fun as you can see and we got to catch up with my cousins.

This layout I did for my Hybrid class. The digital template was given to us by C. Zielske.   I added digital papers from House Of Three and then printed the template off. I sized all the photos in PSE and then sent them off to Superstore so they would be perfectly sized for the template. I added the 8.5 x 11 printed template to a My Minds Eye background and embellished it.  This was scraplifted from May Flaum's original she did for our Digital Hybrid class.

I will share more later this week, but alas, it is past my bedtime!!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thanks Spa Lady!

Thanks Spa Lady for reneging on my Lifetime membership which I have had for 20+ years!  Because... now I am a member of a real gym...that's I started working out at GoodLife Fitness... I feel like I have stepped it up, if you haven't had a chance to check out the gym at SouthPark Centre, and you are considering getting a gym membership, it is very nice and not very expensive (~ $43/month).  They have a special section which is closed off for women only, in-case you do not want to mix with the boys/men! Oh yeah, and... they have Purell hand sanitizer on the walls!!  (for those of you who don`t know, I`m a bit of a stickler re: handwashing, it probably has something to do with my day job!)  Anyway, when I asked one of the managers at Spa Lady as to why they don`t have hand sanitizers, she said she did not believe in those and it`s better to have germs... so there you have it!

So, this is the last week of my DYL class and I have to complete my final assignments, which I will post soon.  As well, I am truly loving the Hybrid class May Flaum has been teaching over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  I have to say, I did not know of May until I started this class, she is definitely awesome!  Her pages are like a beautiful box of chocolates (you know, some good quality chocolate with layers of yumminess inside, wrapped in pretty paper and a big bow!).  You can check out her blog here.

I have one layout here I will share. I worked on this last night for the hybrid class, now it is not a hybrid LO, but the assignment for the Hybrid class was to work on a Quick page template (you can print them off and insert your pictures, but I don't have a photo printer, and the pictures I used, I did not have on hand, so I did it all digitally....whew, that was a long sentence...  Alrighty?

This is suppose to be a ``Quick Page``, it was not quick, but I still had fun making it...I used the Port Au Prince Kit for the LO, tag is from House of Three and the hearts & brush are from Scrap Artist (Be Mine Kit).

I have another assignment from my Hybrid class, almost complete...but...I am waiting for my confirmation e-mail from Superstore!!! To tell me my pictures are ready!  Cest La Vie!  Oh well, that`s why I have time to blog, Hee Hee!

Okay, I am off to blog hop!  Have a great afternoon everyone!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love Hybrid!

So I am really starting to see how I can combine the world of digi into my traditional scrap life! Here is another hybrid layout.

The inspiration for this layout was from C. Zielske DYL class, the LO is an adaptation of a sketch from "pencillines"  I had lots of fun making this! I used Hof3 negative film strip for the 3 smaller pictures. and the letters "ME" are from Hof3 Monograms Kit which I recolored and printed on top of designer paper from the Hof3 French Oh la la kit. Other papers from Basic Grey, Making Memories & J. Bowlin (All from the February kit at Treasured Memories). I doodled the border around the 8x8 paper. Also, the circle inside the scallop circle was inspired by May Flaum. (I used a cup and inked it). The journaling is garamond font and the strips are chalked.

So, I made a snap decision yesterday to take the last week of March off, Woot!!  I have come to realize that I really need a vacation... last year was not very relaxing and it's actually been 1 year since our trip to California.... I will not last until summer vacation... I plan to have fun, I might try to get out and take some photos and take it easy.

Also, I joined a new gym!  It's called "Goodlife Fitness" and I am going to jump start my exercise program by attending some of the classes whilst I'm off!

There you have it!
Have a great night everyone.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Change!

You know, I usually remember the time change, but this morning I got up at 0600 - really it was 0700!  So when I heard Marvin roll out of bed at what I thought was 0720, my first thought was - Geez he's up early!! He started getting the sauerkraut & pork hocks ready for the crock pot, and I said, isn't it kinda early for that, and then I was reminded of the Daylight Savings routine!  I'm not particularly fond of the springing forward, but I certainly love the falling back!!

So there you have it!  Now, on to the fun stuff... here is what I have so far... This weeks assignments for DYL is based on "Type".  Now, here is something interesting... Cathy Zielske always sends us a presentation that we watch every week, and you can imagine given the topic, how surprised I was to hear her say that you no longer need to have two spaces after a period! You know, seriously, how am I going to do that??  I type everyday, and this I know will be a hard habit to break.  So why is it that we only need one space you ask?  It has to do with the old typewriters and each letter had the same amount of space and to differentiate we used two spaces at the end of a period to show a new sentence. With computers and type each letter has it's own amount of space and we are actually able to control the amount of space between characters, so therefore, no two spaces needed! (Anyway - that's the just of it!).  As you can see from my typing thus far, I have not been able to break the habit yet....!

Here is the first layout!
 I really like the colors of the papers in this LO.

S. Marks Courtship Kit (2Peas), date tab - C. Wilkerson (Lots Of labels), Digital Template; C. Zielske.

Here is one of Marvin...
C. Wilkerson papers and embellishment. K. Pertiet, Tightie Whities, Digital Template; C. Zielske.

So there you have it... more digi goodness!  I'm off to work on my Hybrid class assignments now!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Love Red!

One of my assignments was to make a picture collage of my favourite color!  Okay, so that is kinda hard because I like lots of colors, red just happens to be one of them... so I thought I would share this with you.

So, it's red and orange - I prefer warmer colors and for the most part I think that is reflected here.

What's your favourite color?

Too Funny!!

I was just checking out Anam's blog and I had to share this with you...

Were you one of those people holding your bladder???  I know I was...LOL!  Here is a link to the the story...


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Sunday!

Well, it's already Sunday afternoon!  Guess what I have been up to today??? That's right, doing my homework.  Ha!

Friday night I was up until 3 AM - That's right!!  I came home from work, cleaned the house and then got to having some fun and couldn't help myself...

The assignments for Design Your Life this week was all about Color!

This is what I was working on, a layout of my grandparents...  I love these pictures... I have put the journaling below as you won't be able to read it if you click on the photo....
I have many fond memories of my grandparents.  Grandpa Karl Demmert was known as “Farm Grandpa”, because that is what he was... a farmer.  He left Germany when he was 26 years old with very little, but came to Canada knowing he would be able to purchase land and farm it.  He married my grandmother, Marie who also came here from Germany.  He only spoke German to us kids, and it wasn’t until I was older and realized he did this hoping we would learn to speak German.  I did learn to say “Frehliche Wienacht”, and a few other short sentences.  Grandpa would laugh as I would say Frehliche Wienacht every time I would visit, whether it really was Christmas... or Easter.  He always had those white peppermints in his pocket and when we visited on Sundays, he would give us a little shot of ‘pear brandy”.  Curtis and I would sometimes ride our bikes into town and stay overnight.  Just before Grandma would turn out the lights she would ask what we would like to eat for breakfast in the morning... Of course being young children, we would rattle off a list of items... and sure enough.. it would all be ready when we woke up.  My absolute favourite thing my Grandma ever made... was her bread... and her canned raspberries were a close second.  They loved to garden and took pride in having a well manicured yard, they had the biggest Begonias I’ve ever seen.  These are just few of the things I can remember about them... they are ones I will not forget....

Port Au Prince Kit, Songbird elements from Chipper kit, SBS elements from Digi Files (January 2010), Fonts; Jane Austen & Euphorigenics, Arabic Typsetting, Digital Template; C. Zielske

Here is another LO, this of me making cookies!
Speaking of cookies...  I got a couple dozen of frozen cookies from Lisa on Friday night and I plan to bake a couple tonight!! Mmmmm...... Yum Yum.
Paper; J. Wilson, Elements; K. Pertiet (In the Post), flower (OScraps - Moments Kit). Fonts; Dear Joe, Another Typwriter.  Digital Template; Cathy Zielske.

 I love Normie!  So this LO is dedicated to him...  We had to pick four colors from the picture and then use pattern paper in those colors. 

Paper;C. Wilkerson (some recolored), Trish Jones, Elements; Port Au Prince Kit, Digital Template; C. Zielske.

This next LO is for both the Design Your Life class and the Adventures in Scrapbooking: Go Hybrid class (both at Big Picture Scrapbooking)
 I took Cathy's template and added J. McNally's digi paper, printed it off with Reisling font for title and journaling. Then used bazzil paper and Stampin' Up PP.

This last LO was made for the Hybrid class.  I actually did this on Microsoft Word!  
I used J. McNally's digi kit we got from our week 2 Hybrid class and inserted it into Word.  I did not have a printed photo for the WordArt Title so I just found this photo of Carmen and Torrie and inserted it into Word.  I then printed it all onto Bazzil textured cardstock and voila!  The rest of the LO uses Prima flowers sprizted with Pearl Glimmer Mist, bling from Prima and Kaiser, Chipboard flourish from Riff Raff and I used Stampin' Up Glitter on it.  Oh Yeah, there are some stickles on the WordArt and the stamp on the left is from Prima.
There you have it!  Holy Moly, that was lots of layouts!!

Who's watching the OSCARS Tonight??  It's going to be awesome...

Have a great night!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Layouts...

Here are a couple layouts for my Design Your Life Class.
Here is a picture of my mom looking at her wedding dress hanging in the window on her wedding day.  I love this photo so I felt it would work perfectly with this color palette and sketch design.

Papers; Jen Wilson, Oscraps (Moments Kit), Elements: ScrapArtist (Sweet Promise Kit), K. Pertiet word brush, Digital template; C. Zielske.

Here is a two page 12 x 12 layout, of some pictures from the cruise we were on a few years ago.  Dominica was one of my favourite stops...
Paper; K.Pertiet (Tightie Whites), Jen Wilson, Elements; Designer Digitals (Help Haiti Kit), Title Font Bohemian Type.

There you have it... Quite a few posts for one night! Ha!

Hope you are all not suffering too much Olympic withdrawal... I know I am, I keep checking my blackberry for those updates CTV would send me...but alas, they are done... We did so well though, I'm very proud to be Canadian!

Have a good night everyone.


Angus & Eddie

Forgot to show you how much fun I had dogsitting Angus!
Best Buddies.
We like to bark at absolutely nothing!

I'm so darn cute, if I sit like this long enough maybe I'll get a treat!

Hybrid Class

So I started my new class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It is a Hybrid class that incorporates digital and traditional scrapbooking.  It is going to be lots of fun, I had know idea I could do so much with Word.  This weeks assignments were downloading a tag and using WordArt.
Our instructor, May Flaum, has provided lots of information in our first week on journaling and WordArt.  This was lots of fun to do and as you can see... I am a "Lucky Girl"!  The cardstock for the title is from House of Three, it's the French oo la la kit.  It's tres bon cool and has some gorgeous down loadable and printable paper products.  So once I printed off the paper I wanted, I then made my title with "Reisling" font that I downloaded for free from "dafont", and then put the paper thru the printer again, and Voila! (I doodled the black parentheses).
The rest of the supplies are: red pp; Sande Krieger (World Traveler Kit - from Two Peas (it's FREE!)), stampin up cardstock; word strip-C. Zielske, Flowers & ribbon-Prima, Buttons - BasicGrey, journaling WordArt template - M. Flaum.

I killed two birds with one stone with this layout!!  It covers my Design Your Life class for the color palette and sketch, and of course I used it for my Hybrid class, Yeah!  The tag I used for the title came with our class assignment for the week.  It is designed by S. Krieger, but I recolored it in Word and printed it off and placed Sassafras stickers on it for the title .  The circle you see, has the date and location of when and where the photo was taken, I used WordArt to type this and then made it into a shape of a circle, then used my 1 3/4" punch and placed it on the layout with a pop up.  The font I used on the circle tag comes from House of 3 and is called Magnet Font.  I then typed up my journaling in Bohemian Typwriter font and placed it on the black background.  I really like how it turned out.
Other supplies used with this layout:  PP; Magenta, Fancy Pants & 7 Gypsies, Flowers; Prima, Rhinestones; Kaiser Craft, Buttons; BasicGrey, Ribbon (I cannot remember what manufacturer, but I definitely bought it at Treasured Memories).

I hope this gives you some happy creative ideas!!


Fondue Fun...

So I thought I would share some pics of the Fondue Party we had the other night!

The table pre-Fondue...

Tammy & John enjoying the evening!
Ryan & Arianna...

Marv & I...

We had tonnes of fun with our guests...  lots of laughs and good memories.