Sunday, February 21, 2010

Angus is coming!

Today Eddie gets to have a friend come and stay with him this week!  Both Arlene and Carmen are headed to Vegas tomorrow (big sigh), and I wish I was going with them!  But alas, some of us need to work and take care of the animals hee hee!

So how many of you are keeping up with the Olympics?? Go Canada Go!  My favourite is John Montgomery who won the men's skeleton  You can see it on CTV, but what was even better was his walk thru Whistler to get to the CTV stage for his interview.  Done in true Canadian fashion, he walked thru the crowds of fans with his helmet in his hand and without missing a beat when someone hands him a pitcher of beer, he takes it and swigs it down and continues on.  Apparently he is called turtle.  When he was having his helmut made they asked him to think of what his spirit animal is, he said he needed to think about it.  On the drive home, his girlfriend was with him and they spotted a turtle on the road, so they pulled off to the side and helped make sure the turtle made it to the other side - hence his spirit animal is the turtle which you can see the symbol on his helmut!  Cool story eh??

Alright, so here are my latest layouts I made this week.  We are still working on emphasis.  I find the colors washed out on my screen, I even photoshoped them but not sure why they look dull.
This is a layout showing some pics of our cruise.
Papers; L. Grieveson (Geometrics), K. Pertiet (Tightie Whities), Elements; J. Sprague (Journaling Flourish), Font; Montotype Corsiva., Template design; Cathy Zielske.
As you can see the emphasis is the wedding picture of my mom & dad...
Element on journaling area - ScrapArtist Be Mine Kit. Fonts; Dear Joe & Adobe Caslon, Template design; Cathy Zielske.
Kits; Moments (OScraps, Cinzia Loosemore & Taylormade), Tiffany, Fonts; Arabic Typsetting.  Template Design; C. Zielske.

I love this layout!  It was fun to make and I really felt creative.  I took three pictures of some of the work I have done and added it to the layout.  If you are wondering about the painting of the girl on the swing - you can take this class at Treasured Memories, check out their classes blog, Lisa is teaching it again in March... I highly recommend it if you are interested in something different.

This layout is actually our Real World Color assignment... which means we were asked to use the following two colors

I loved the template design so much from the layout above that I thought I would make another one.  This is of the Heidi Swapp class I went to last year in May.  As you can see in the journaling I was inspired by Heidi, and one of the results of that inspiration was this blog...
Papers; C. Wilkerson, J.Sprague, B. Buffington (Two Peas), K.Pertiet (Tightie Whities), Elements; H of 3 Damask Kit, ScrapArtist, Fonts; Dear Joe & Arabic Typsetting.  Digital Template; C. Zielske.

Of course this layout I had to add pink!  For those of you who may not know Heidi Swapp = PINK!
And there you have it...

Have a creatively awesome day!!

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  1. Did you see John when he was doing the "auctioneer"? That was hilarious!

    I'm a fan of Patrick Chan. I finally watched the men's figure skating that I taped last week. He's very down to earth and normal...not stuck up and full of himself like some of his competitors seem.